25 December 2005

3G - Gay, Gym & G-string

All gay goes to gym, sooner or later. Whether they are life time member or cruiser is besides the point. Gay men go to gym to beef up for the alluring 6 packs and biceps. Although some of us also goes there to look at the 6 packs and biceps too. It will definitely be a way to motivate us to lift more weights, run more miles and swim more leagues, in hope that one day the their role will be pass on to us. But do people at gym hookup with each other to have sex? Hmm... maybe the hunks do, I ain't one, so I wouldn't know. But I have heard rumors of the orgy at FF... wonder if it is true...

All gay wear G-strings, sooner or later they will find one pair to try on. Liking it or not is besides the point. It's like boxer, jockstrap or bikini wear, you have to try it to know if you like it. Personally, I enjoy looking at hunky men in undie, regardless of its genre.

Gay go to gym wearing G-string. Now that's a sight. How terribly uncomfortable it is. Until now, I have yet to glimpse any man in the looker room changing from or into a g-string, not that I really go lookup for it. :ohh:

12 February 2005

Smooth Bodies

I notice that many of the gym fit guys are have really smooth bodies. No hair on them, not even the armpit. I am sure they have shaven it off. Not that I don't enjoy looking at the smooth body, just that it seems kinda weird. I wonder if they shave their pubic hair too... Hmm...