30 March 2006


It is a common fact and we probably knew it all too well... man are not trustworthy yet we love them nonetheless. So many people was hurt or are still hurting because they have an unfaithful slutty bf but somehow they manage to find reasons to forgive them nonetheless. Was their love so overwhelming that pain has become a part of their joy much akin to anal sex? So what is the reason for such sluttish behavior in the first place? Was it possible that the partner are unable to provide for the others sexual urges? Or man are just animals and are always lead by their cock then their conscience? Both are valid reasons from different point of view but no one would openly admit it. On the other hand, why forgive them? Are they so skilled in  bed that the possibility of another one coming by are next to zero? Or do they believe in love conquering all?

By chance, I know of some such unfaithful slutty guys. Their lips are tightly sealed, nobody really wants to talk about this. Being branded is bad enough. Of course I knew of those love fools too, they are not talking either. They will rage on about how unfaithful their ex are and how much they sacrified but it was never their fault. The victim are always right? I doubt it. But it can be rather awakward sometimes to meet a couple, knowing very well that one of them are fooling around while the other are probably not oblivious about it but pretending that nothing happens. I do not know whether I should appluase one of them for a job well done or pity one of them for the pain sustained.

But if the person are trully unable to fulfill the others sexual need, why are they still together? Why not find someone who can? Hmm... probably because those who can doesn't want a relationship. Or they are just being selfish that they can fool around but they don't allow their partners to. Threesome maybe? Nah... sharing is not slutty bf's forte.

25 March 2006

Cycling Pants & Fetishes in general

What is it with cycling pants? I have actually came across a few guys who has cycling pants fetish. Or have I been talking to the same person all the while?  Yes, I have to agree that there is a certain extent of kinkiness to cycling pants, but wouldn't swimming trunks or underwear be much more attainable or kinkier? Maybe it's my personal preferences, but if I am to be interested in the bulge of a guy in cycling pants, might as well look at bulge of swim wear or undie... hmm... Or was there some particular niftiness that I am not catching here... hmm... Latex... covering torso... tight... buldgy... hmm... no, I can't quite catch the bug.

I have also seen foot fetisher. It's kinda ticklish to be "adored" by a foot fetisher. And I can't quite imagine someone who lick my toes and kiss me later.  My feet are dirty? Well, let me enquire then how many out there who wash their feet prior to having sex.

I've also heard of someone who were into fisting. Totally cannot accept it. I mean, that would make anal sex totally redundant. Who else can satisfied him after a fist has gone in. I don't think even a sperm whale could do the job.

But then again, fetish is very personal, everybody has their own cup of tea. Come to think of it, if everyone has the same fetish, it wouldn't be call a fetish, but a recreational hobby or sports instead.

18 March 2006

Unreplied Mail

Yeah, I do receive mails sometimes too... but I don't reply all of them. Only selectively. The reason can be categorized into a few...
(1) I'm not looking for sex. Correction, I am looking for sex with good-looking, toned-body guys that would like to suck me off and let me fuck.
(2) I'm not looking for long-term relationship. Correction, I'm looking for a rich, good-looking, toned-body, around my age bf that would adore me whole-heartly.
(3) I have talked to you through other channels and decided that I don't like you OR have probably ons-ed with you before and it's awkward for us to exchange mail seeing that I might have to think up reason as to why I don't want to repeat the fun that we have, which is tiring for both of us.

10 March 2006


So like the rest of the people in axcest, I have buddies too. And like the rest of the people in axcest, I have no idea who the hell they are and what drives me to add them as my buddies. Among those little buddies I have, I actually only talked to 2 or 3. The rest was add-me-and-i-add-u kind of things. I'm sure those with 13170 friends knows very little of them. Maybe it is some sort of show-off thingy where you boast about who you know and who your friends were. Kinda vain, but yeah, so am I...

09 March 2006

Gym Fashion

My observations shows that most gymmer wears either nike or adidas shoes. The was some New Balance and Puma and Reebok, but those was not as plenty as the other two...

Gymmers with great bodies tend to prefer wearing singlet or sleeves shirt. Obviously to show off their arms. Although some skinny one also wear sleeveless, but those are not as noticable for obvious distraction  And they usually have a balance skin tone too.

The choice of underwear varies, but if they are wearing CK, more then not that it would be the white boxer with red waistband...

And there were many good looking one with tone body which the rest of us drool over just by looking. But when they started talking, you wonder where all the real good looking MAN has gone too. Sisters, I want brothers!