25 December 2006

Points of Interest

Search and search I did, but find I did not the reason for getting into the Top 5 of the Point Charts in Axcest. Is there a hidden small print somewhere that states that by getting into the chart, we earn points that would allow us to redeem prizes or better yet a free date with the axcesticon?

Why do people get so obsess with this point thing? Does getting the first place guarantee prestige and well being? Or was it merely to fulfill our own vanity? The way I see it, it's more like a joke instead, that the same bunch of people are there all year long. It seems like we have nothing better to do but sit around clicking people for points.

Points are good. It can be use as an ice breaker to test people's willingness to communicate. A simple gesture, a simple click. But obviously some people are addicted to it and are turning it into a whole new ugly scenario instead.

I appreciate points, it makes logging in something to anticipate for. But when the same stranger pops up over and over again, it becomes annoying instead. So, please, refrain yourself o chart topper, I would much appreciate it.

16 December 2006

No Regrets

I don't quite understand why some people, when they broke up, they would resort to ONS but then regret over it later. It is as if they are trying to immerse themselves in a sense of indulgence that could numb their pain from the failed relationship. But it never help. No satisfaction can ever be achieve by such people, not even the pleasure of orgasm. Wonder if they ever heard of exercising? Hitting the gym could help them sort things out while developing a toner body. Two birds with one stone, why not?

I'm a fervent believer that one should never ever regret over their decisions or actions. We could learn from our mistakes, but never regretting it. No point crying over spilled milk really. I guess some people are born into a certain characteristic, destined and influence by the distribution of celestial placement.

06 December 2006

Say's Law

“The longer I’m in the circle, the harder for me to get a bf.”
“Because I know what I want and what I don’t want.”
“Shouldn’t that make getting a bf easier?”
“But I also know more about how this circle works and I am near to give up on this circle already.”

Sounds familiar? Or maybe it is déjà vu. But I seem to hear a lot of people expressing the same feeling about love in this circle. After all the rejection and betrayal that they have gone through, they realized that there are simply too many liars around, yet they still maintain the small perseverance that love will find them one day. True love that last forever.

I have quite a few friends that share this similar feeling but introducing them to each other will not spark any fire instead it seems to feed the flame of despair instead. They don’t seem to get off the right way. Why is it that when so many people are looking for true love yet not many of those people gets it? There are so many demand, yet there is no supply? Those who demand does not put themselves into the market yet expect to get something out of the near nonexistence market. They justified their action by saying that they know what they want, and they rather not have anything then to simply get something for the sake of getting something. End up nobody get anybody. Some say their time has not come yet, that fate has yet to lead them to the love of their life. I say go out and get what you want, waiting there for love is like waiting there to die. Pointless.

Why not take a leap of faith in love? Sure, there is the possibility of smashing onto the ground, but there is also the possibility of finding what you want. A fist cannot catch anything. Nobody can teach you how to learn from your experience and how to choose wisely. When you live long enough you know that people change when they want to change, no amount of coaxing can budge, maybe not in the hand of master handler but still how many can really claim to be a master handler. Open yourself to possibilities, the next man that come along might break or make your life, at least you get some drama out of it instead of boring yourself and the people around you to death by complaining endlessly about the lack of love.

23 November 2006

Strolling Gethesemane

“I have broken up with my girl friend.”
“Huh? I thought you guys were together since secondary school.”
“How long was it, 10 years? I was expecting you guys to get married soon.”
“Just 8 years.”
“What happened?”
“Nothing. That’s the problem. Nothing happened.”

And people say gay relationship does not last. But have they wondered that many straight relationship doesn’t last either. Some seemingly last but only because of their commitment to a piece of signed paper or children that came along the way, a mistake perhaps for not doing the proper prevention, which couldn’t be apply to us. Regardless, people separate. But no... somehow, gay relationships are not meant to be because it is the nature of gay people to not stay together. We gays just simply cannot constrain ourselves from stepping pass the threshold of commitment. It is the vicious cycle of this circle of betrayal and infidelity. What an exciting life we gays live, full of perils indeed.

What is it with gay people and commitment anyway? Why does it seem like it is something that we must hold on to? A good boyfriend, that is what most single gay man wished for their birthday, that is what they prayed for, that is what they longed for. So, you’ve finally got it. The best boyfriend you could ever ask for. What’s next? Marriage? Sure, you can get those too. What else then? What would last for the two of you for the remaining of your life? Adoption? Impregnate a lesbian couple? Or have you not think that far ahead into the future? Maybe you just want to live life a day at a time, enjoying the company of the man whom you love and loved you in return, and hope that it last and god forbids that it might expires one day. But when it does rot, you wonder why this so call gay life is so hard. Why is it so hard to find a good man? How could someone let go of a seemingly beautiful relationship? Why gay man betrays?

What the hell has it got to do with being gay? Because it happen more often in gay circle? Or maybe it is because you do not have enough straight friends? If you do not believe in love, say so in a general way. Do not discriminate gay people please. Blame you parents, blame the society, blame god but just don’t blame gay. That’s such a lousy excuse. If you really believe that gay life is such a treacherous journey, your should just turn back and go straight. Or, you could join the gang, fuck around, I mean, that’s what us unfaithful gays do best right? It’s a way of life full of gayness.

16 October 2006

Sadism and Masochism of Love

"I can't believe that you are giving me advice in love."
"Well, I have much more experience."
"Yeah, but all the wrong kind. How could you possibly tell me to have faith in love when you yourself does not?"
"I do have faith in love."
"If you do, you wouldn't be fooling around while attached."
"That's different."
"What? Hormonal imbalance induced slutness?"

A man who smokes heavily can tell you the danger of smoking yet he himself cannot quit. Similarly, a man who might not have faith in love can still advice you to have faith in love. Being a player does not mean he does not believe in love, just that he has yet to find it. The difference is that, he enjoys the train ride until it reaches its destination. He has not lose faith in love totally, just that it is so minute that it became irrelevant.

Contradict to popular belief, sound advice on love does not necessary come from someone who believe in love. Sometimes, it is those who play the love game that give better advice. Often, they do not ask you to break up or take revenge, instead they give you an insight onto why things is happening and leads you to forgiveness. Who better to decipher the act of betrayal then those who betrays. Betray is too harsh a word, maybe more along the line of indecisive yet compulsive actions.

But then again, that is what they must do. If everybody who was ever hurt will lose faith in love, how could they continue their cruel game of love? It is challenging to play with professional players but end of the day, it is those pure of heart that they prey upon. That's why players gives sound advice, so that one could fall head over toe again in love and get hurt by it all over it.

05 October 2006


"I am not sure how I should handle bf #2."
"What's the problem?"
"Well, he is attached with this guy for years now. But I just don't like the idea of him having another bf."
"Excuse me, you have 2 bfs yourself."
"Whatever, that's not the point."
"What the fuck... that's not the point?"
"I wonder if I should ask him to breakup with his current bf. Just to see how much he loves me."
"Would you if he ask you to do the same thing?"
"I don't know."
"And you expect an answer from him..."

The problem with people playing the love game, is that sometimes they became over ego in themselves. Just because they are able to handle two guys at the same time, they thought that they are invincible. Failing to realize that two can play the game. They demand to be serve the best in the most loyal fashion but they themselves refuse to act the same. Although it is unlikely that they will ever be faithful, else they would never play the game, but still they are constantly clouded by their own judgment of their worthiness.

One would thought that a man who could juggle a few relationship simultaneously would have a sharp mentality to balance it all. Some men really does balance it well, but most are just greedy. Wanting to have it all but unwilling to pay the price. There are always a price to pay for indulgence, and if you over swap your card then you have to be prepare to face the statement at the end of the month. And if things get out of hand, no one would really sympathize him.

02 October 2006

Generation Gap

They said that age is a problem in a relationship. If there were a gap of over 3 years in age or more, it would probably not end well. It would mostly be due to mentality compatibility. The direction in life is different. The view of the world is different. The lifestyle is different. The method of spending money is different. Expectation for sex, experience in sex, the stamina to sex, the lust for sex. It's all at different level. Compare yourself to the you 5 years ago, you'll be amaze how much you have grown. If you found that you have miraculously remain the same for the pass 5 years, then it's high time you come out of denial...

When an older man decided to court a younger man, would it be fair to ask the younger male to remain loyal to him? Sure, at first glance, it sounds fair and reasonable that when you are attached, you should be loyal to your partner. But if that someone is 5 to 10 years younger, with very little experience in life, is it fair to demand such loyalty? Robbing them of their opportunity to experience this particular aspect in life. Of course, not many wanted to try rampant sex, but it is wholly on their own willingness and not something force onto them.

21 September 2006

Open Sesame

"Let me get this straight, you and your bf both goes out to have fun?"
"So, it's alright for you to have sex with me?"
"Why not threesome? You, me and your bf?"
"No way."
"Why not?"
"How could I stand to see someone besides me having fun with my bf?"
"But you just said that you and him both goes out to have fun..."
"Yeah, but it's two different thing."
"It is? So, basically what you're telling me is that you share your bf with strangers but not someone that you might know?"
"You can say so."

There are a few types of open relationship. One of those are which both go separate way to have fun but never together. This kind of relationship befuddles me. They are protective over their bf yet they allow them to go outside to have fun. Maybe one of them has the habit of outsourcing body parts for sexual intercourse purpose, so the other might have been coax into the act... although it seems highly unlikely. The whole situation just seems like a paradox to me which I can't begin to understand.

If you were to say that both went out for their fun and also came together for group fun, that I can understand. It's actually match made in heaven. It's just like two faithful guy together, two slutty guy together are also consider a great match. At least the matter of infidelity are no longer troubling the relationship. Look at the famous celebrity couple in the circle. Obviously, rumors has it that they often organize group fun together which includes heavy usage of drugs. I don't know them personally, but it all sounds fine to me. As long as they are happy doing what they want to do, there really isn't much we should comment on. Maybe an invitation to one of those party, that would be something. Another thing to add to my profoundly-vain-to-do-list.

14 September 2006


When walked into a cubicle of a toilet, why do people not close the door? Sometimes it can be awkward when you push open a cubicle door just to find someone in there pissing. There will be a moment of pause where you ponder whether you should close the door or leave it ajar. Whether you should pretend nothing happen or whisper a quick apology instead. Is it because we are just going for a quicky and closing the door seems too much a hassle? Is the 1 second of close-lock that troublesome? The door are meant to be closed,  close it.

When you are on second floor and wanted to go to the third floor, should you take the stair, the escalator or the lift? It's amazing that sometimes people are willing to wait for the lift just to move up one floor when the stair and escalator are within reachable distance in a relatively safe condition. Are we getting lazier as technology pamper us more and more?

When you initiate chat with someone or added them to your msn, and realized that their look are not to your liking, do you quickly ignores them and block them? Feint interest? Or inform them that they are not to your liking and will ignore them henceforth? The first is definately rude but when you're used to it you learn to live with it. I would much prefer to have the third option but rarely get those, I guess we were never that straight  forward, maybe because we were not straight in the first place. Feinting interest, well quite a few people practice so, they usually tone it down level by level until both forgotten each other... But the problem with this option is that people might genuienly thinks that you are interested which then one would have to delicately manuever out of the mess that we get ourselves into, without grudges. But sometimes, poeple can be likened once you get to know them beyond the superficial outlook and that goes for sex too I should add. Some people do well in bed eventhough they don't look beyond par while some really just has a look without essence or skill. Although there are also those people that you get to despise the longer you know them...

Everything is just a matter of initiative. If you chat up with the guy you meet in gym or pub or chatroom, you might find that he is a nice guy, or not. If you go out to buy 1+3D, you might be a hell lot richer tomorrow or RM10 poorer.

30 August 2006

Beauty Under

Woman are mostly conscious about the lingarie they wear, see how big Victoria's Secret become. Woman like it, straight men like it even more. Gay men likes them too, but purely from the aesthetic point of view. Why don't men has such a line in the fashion industry, something big like Victoria's Secrets... It would be nice to see a show where hunky male model walks out in skimpy sexy under garment...

Commercial mens underwear can be so boring sometimes. Even those in porn looks boring. Although a toned handsome man in a pair of simple white brief looks the most sexy... but still, I wish there were more varieties to look at and choose from. To see everyone wearing the same pair of CK boxer brief is starting to get on my-nerves. Somehow, gay men seems to be in two extreme group of CK brief or pasar malam brief.

Underwears usually comes in a pack of 3, except for boxers. Sometimes it is hard to decide on the brand and style. Should I go for those with the name printed on the band so that it shows when I'm wearing a low back jean? Or should I go for mini that squeeze my butt and crotch onto a bubbly shape? Do I go for g-strings to eliminate the unsightly line when I don my skin tight leather pants? Should I really wear jockstrap when I'm going to gym for the sake of being truly sporty? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Not that I have a collector's fetish towards underwear, but it is nice to have assorted type of underwear to cater for different occasion. A pair of sexy undie really does spice up the sex life. But having 3 pairs of g-string is simply too much to ask for. I really only need one which I probably would only wear once in a very long time. So at times, I find my-self having the evil thought of switching a pair of g-string with that box of 3 piece boring brief that I am buying. But conscience get the best out of me. Imagine buying a pack of g-string just to find that a pair has been switched by some perverted guy. But then again, it's your own fault for not checking...

I wonder if there is a shop that allows you to pick your own undie, that way, I really only to buy once for my year long sexual fantasy role playing... Or maybe I should underwear-pool. You know, three guys buying three pack of different under wear and exchange it among themselves... It sounds oh so weird...

28 August 2006

Love VS Sex

"So, how's things between you and that slutty bf of yours?"
"Cold war I guess."
"For goodness sake, dump him already. You deserve better than a jerk like him."
"But I'm tired already."
"Wouldn't you be even more tired with him doing those things he did behind your back?"
"Do you know that we are both top? We are not sexually compatible."
"Bullshit. Just excuses for him to fool around. You don't go fooling around yourself.... Did you?"
"Fuck off."

Love and sex are both important. Sex without love is ONS. Love without sex is tragedy. We would want to have both, but in essence, not many can be as lucky. It's easy to get sex, it's just a matter of quality sex or not. If you are desperate enough, a mouth and a hole is all that you need and everybody has those. But love, well, it's not as easy. We need to find someone that we are comfortable with, someone that we can communicate with, someone that we like. So the question is, is sex an integral part of love?

If it is, then that means our pre-requisite for love is the sexual role one play. It would probably be easier for a versatile but what if you are not? Then should the first question that you ask your prospect candidate "Top, Bottom or Versatile?". Isn't that just the thing that most love searcher despise? But what if you were to get to  know someone and end up falling madly in love with him, just to find out that you are both sexually incompatible? Sure, when you have had enough sex, you'll know that sex is over exaggerated but still it is essential in maintaining a healthy relationship. Role conversion, well, that's just pulling the string too thin. People says that they are willing to convert for the sake of their love one but sometimes reality kicks in painfully, literally. Of course, nobody is born a bottom, it's a matter of willingness to try. But still, it remains an uncertainty. If all else fails and both of you are really unable to satisfy each other sexually, should you just break up or change it to a open relationship instead?

Some relationship starts with sex. So, sex is not a problem. Yet, people in such relationship are weary. Weary about the fact that their partners are willing to try sex without love. There is no guarantee of how faithful one is. Sure, it's all a matter of trust. But still, we wouldn't be able to shrug off that tiny voice of insecurity.

It's not easy to find a person that we are comfortable with and when one has been through the rollercoaster of love long enough, we learn to know what kind of man we want. Once we hone in, we would wish that it stay still and hope that it last. People say that gay love can't last because they have seen too many tragedies to know better. But even if for straight, their love don't last either, that is where divorce comes in. Maybe what we need is legalizing gay marriage but we all know how unlikely that is here in this part of the world.

26 August 2006

Standard of Measurement

How do you answer the question, are you a good fucker or good bottom? Should we be humble or should we be proud? Yes or no doesn't seems quite the answer. Still, how do you judge your own performance? Do people send out questionaires nowadays to evaluate their sexual performance? Or do we look at the repeat order and the frequency of the repeat orders? Even if you perform well this time, does it mean you'll be able to perform as good next time? A certain trick might work on some, but it can disgust someone else too. How can be say how skillful we are in this matter?

If someone were to say that they are good in bed, we obviously have very high expectation of what we are getting. And more often then not, it would turn out to be a disaster because nobody who says that they are good can ever be as good as we want them to be. It's best to leave it to the unknown. But then again, it would be good to know how good a person is too, if you know that it's gonna be a toothpick, you'll probably wanna stay home to pick your own teeth instead. Plus, if you say that you are a good bottom, does it not imply that your hole is loose for you have encountered one too many prick to make you the master you are today? Loose means good? Tight means good? If you are tight, you probably haven't done it as often to  make you good I presume. Or maybe it was the fable hole tightening secret technique...

How do you answer the question, are you good looking? Obviously if a lot of people says that you are, you probably are. But what about the rest of the world who just look normal. I look normal sounds so uninviting. Or should we just shove them our picture and let them decide for us? How many rejection can we accept until we start to think that we are ugly instead?

But bear in mind that most people post a picture that they deem nice, so there might be a certain degree of differences between the photo and the real deal. It's call being photogenic. Some people look better in photo while others better in real. Somehow, people have this expectation of what you see is what you get. If you get something better out of the deal, we call ourselves lucky. If it's something less then expected, you call the  others liar. And it is always the other person's fault for we remain same and true all the way. For goodness sake, people gain or lose weight, they change their hair style and color and last but not least, people age. With so many factors involved, is it not possible that people look different from one picture to another? Plus people didn't say that they are good looking, what the hell did you go imagining stuff and all for?

17 August 2006

Gossip is a vice enjoyed vicariously

"How could you say something like that? You don't even know him."
"That's the whole point isn't it."
"I'm disgusted by people like you, spreading venom about others as if you know any better."
"Lighten up, pal. I'm just sharing with you what I heard."
"Well, it's wrong. Plain wrong. You know how hurtful those words are. How unfair it is to the person involved?"
"Don't go judgemental over me."
"Fine. Don't talk."

We enjoy gossiping, straight or otherwise. Face it, no matter how righteous one think of themselves, they have to admit that gossip spice up their life. How else could we carry daily conversation? Do we really spend our time discussing the political struggle or world economic trend or the reaction of uranium in a reactor core? Ahem, maybe some of us do but most would probably steer clear of those direction.

There is a price to pay to be famous. And being gossip about is one of those small print that listed in a obscure corner of a dictionary thick social contract. Being famous does not mean having a billboard all over town or TV commercial on every major channel. It simply means that when people are free with nothing much to do, they would bring you up as their topic for time-wasting purposes. A backup plan in case all else has failed.

People who gossip, does not know the better. We just tell what we heard and make judgement or accusation base on heresay. How far off the heresay is to the truth become irrelevant because, at the end of the day, we don't really care. The whole point is that we are not taking responsibility of what we said. And we don't expect the person we are gossiping off suddenly turn up and indulge us with the truth. Nor do we appretiate self-righteous friends that feels the truth need to be straighten...

Ecclesiasticus 20:20

“So he still has feeling for you?”
“I'm not sure. I think so. His friends think so too.”
“What about you? You have feeling for him?”
“No, I don't have a feel for him. Not the way he has for me anyway.”
“What about his friend? You like him?”
“Well, he is cute, but no, I don't think I have feelings for him either.”
“Don't tell me you are still lingering on that straight colleague of yours.”
“Hehe, yeah, I still like him best.”
“Oh bugger. Move on dude. Grab the cute one before he is gone.”
“I told you, I don't have a feeling for the cute one.”
“At least come clean with the guy.”
“I'll see how things go.”

Some people are just lousy in saying no. Maybe it is in their nature to be kind and gentle to other people's feeling. Maybe their indecisiveness is a weakness of them towards the people around them. Regardless, at the end of the day, they have to come clean. It's all a matter of time. Often, the longer the wait, the deeper the cut. Is it their fault if they don't voice their discomfort at the first sign of danger? That's subjective. If you are an indecisive person, you'll probably understand very well what it meant to procrastinate. Head strong people wouldn't understand it, just like you wouldn't understand what it meant to be drunk until you intoxicated yourself with a few shot. Quality drunk, ah, heavenly bliss indeed. Anyway, of course it's never fair for the person who are doing the waiting. Queuing in line for two hours just to be informed that the movie tickets are all sold out, that's frustrating. Still, we have to move on.

There are also another kind of person who is lousy in saying no. The kind that is slow in breaking up. They have long since ejected themselves out of the relationship, searching their adventure outside, yet they are still  maintaining the relationship nevertheless. They are just sitting there and waiting for the other person to come to their senses and leave voluntarily. They feel that it is hurtful to dump you but they don't feel that it hurt even more for you to find out that they are playing around outside and all the sweet words are just lies to react to your constant bickering for attention. Eventually, the truth will come out and the inevitable unfolds its hideous wings to take off. In their defense, they will say that they have given enough hints for you to leave, just that you can't or are unwilling to take the hint, then it becomes your own burden that they wish no part of. Hardly justifiable but as if they would care about the aftermath of their action. It probably takes time to heal from such rejections, but it is often wise to get into rehabilitation and move on with life as soon as possible. He is having the fun of his life while you are sunk in despair wondering what you have done wrong or cursing him with voodoo or whatnot. What's the point? Move on. The world is full of wonders. Anyway, life is too short for us to constantly linger in the past or chasing after the impossible. Savor the reminiscence like an expensive fine wine, don't abuse it like a pack of cheap beers.

11 August 2006

Lust Fondue

We assume that people with great looks and nice bodies are those that doesn't lack sex. Having them anytime anywhere anyhow. It's probably true for some. Yet one find them frequent sauna establishments too.  Suana was probably created by those who failed the extremely strict physical standard that we gays impose upon ourselves, luring in those who seeks adventure while satisfying themselves. In a direct confrontation, these guys that passes the test would probably have an equally high standard while choosing their sexual or relationship partner. So, why is it that with such qualification, they would willingly go into a dark room with unknown strangers of different size and age, allowing them to release their lustful needs onto each other? Isn't it totally against their principle for physical attraction which they outwardly potrait?

I agree that there is a certain extent of thrill and satisfaction when you mingle in a dark room with numerous guys that you can't see regardless of their physical appearance. The sexual energy release are certainly to excite everyone in it. But on the contrary, if you put the lights on, you'll probably feel very disappointed as to how low you have sink below your own standard. Thus the next-to-darkness illumination to cut the guilt. I guess the proprietor understand how conscience can be bad for business.

Adding the mental block of conscience and the exceptional sexual energy, I guess it probably explains why they frequent such establishment. Once it's in your system, it can be quite hard to get it out much akin to addictions.

02 August 2006

Indecent Proposal

I actually did meet up and chat with some people who emailed me after seeing the crotch pic of mine, although none lead to actual sex. Probably because my crotch looks better then my face pic. Well, I'm gonna take it as some sort of compliment because at least I have something that looks good, although I wish it was the other part. Ok, maybe I am not drop dead gorgeous but I am decent looking. I guess when ons is involved, we all wish that our partner are someone we would like to look at and feel of, instead of closing our eyes while getting things done.

I think I worked out some theory recently. Hear me out. Good looking guys are able to have ons easier because of their look. But when their belly are fulled, they long for real love instead because they know that with their look, they can have ons anytime. But real love comes scarce, so, many of them after venturing into the field of sex would retreat to the love maze in search of true love. Which is where the less good looking guys comes in. Because the average guy can't fight good look with good look, they tend to cultivate their character. So, if they chance upon such love searcher, they can usually scores. For the less average people, it is hard for them to get ons because of the discrimination gays inscripted into their soul. Ends up some of them are willing to do anything just for sex. The average looking people took advantage of this and use them to their fancy. Some of them does wake up and smell the air, realizing that they are victims of circumstances, thus swearing in search of true love. Per chance, they might bump into those good looking ones and cupid might strikes. In this case, might. It really depends on how below par they actually are. Discrimination still occurs no matter how pure the love was.

My point is, there are a lot of good looking guys out there who would want to have a real relationship but can't have them because they have this phobia of how superficial gay love can be because some of them might not be so proud of their or their friend's past.

Conclusion, average gay people, move forward, for you are the luckiest! All sexual fantasies available to you if only you so wish with half an eye open, and by the end of the day when you are tired of the whole commotion, you can settle down with a good looking man who swears undying love, by not telling the whole truth, mind you...

10 things to do as a gay man before turning straight

1. Gay Porn ~ introductory to gay lifestyle that is over publisized and more then often not as interesting.

2. Oral Sex ~ Give or take, most man can do a better job than a woman. A tongue ring greatly increases the recipient's sensation.

3. Anal Sex ~ Give or take, done that and you can proudly call youself professionally gay. Always insist of safe sex although unprotected sex can heighten one's sensation to a different level.

4. Threesome ~ Sandwiched, Double Penetration and Rotisserie are the many forms to try. There are more than one pleasure spot on our body, and through simultaneous excitation, it can be a real thrill to find them working in synergy.

5. Orgy ~ If you have done threesome, there is really no reason why you shouldn't try an orgy. You can live out the Annabel Chong's Gang Bang first hand. Notable forms include Daisy Chain, Mantrain and Triple Penetration.

6. Sauna ~ It's not easy to organize or get invited to an orgy, but it sure is easy to get into a sauna for uninvited orgy. Sometimes you might even score bigger than you could ever thought possible in your whole life. Unwanted attention included.

7. Massage Center ~ Relaxation and sex at the same time. What better way to unwind after a hectic schedule. Most would feel much more comfortable than paying for a gigolo since we can always defend ourselves by saying that we merely came for a massage, not rampant sex.

8. Chem Sex ~ Sex which includes the usage of drugs such as poppers, E, K, viagra etc. Always do it on a day where you don't have to work the next day so that you don't doze off while driving. A prolong high plus bonus side effect if over indulged.

9. SM/Bondage ~ Not all are into hardcore SM but most are willing to try softcore SM which often includes roleplay. Trained professional required for hardcore SM.

10. Impregnating a woman ~ With all the above sexual adventures, why would a gay man ever turn straight unless he somehow manage to impregnate a woman? The child are innocent, we must be a resposible man

27 July 2006

Boost of Confidence

The woman-kin has a particularly nifty way to boost their confidence and self-esteem, which is through lingerie. It is said that woman who wears the correct lingerie will be able to feel and act more confident and sexy. With the correct supportive undergarment, they are able to promote their appeal to the opposite sex.

Seeing that gay man shares the similar trait with the woman-kin, which is being attacted to man, one might wonder that it would be likely that choosing the correct undergarment would provide the essential confidence boost too. Although we don't have nor need push up bra like the woman, it would be nice if one could wear something and BAM! the rib cage became a six packer square chest. Going to the disco would be half more fun when people are eyeing your body.

The only undergarment that man wears are underwear, which doesn't seem to have much improved since the  time of Adam. True, the quality of the material might have improved, but when Adam was wearing a leaf, so do we now with g-string. The evolution wasn't really that significant.

Sometimes, it is unfair that woman can use undergarment to compliment their body, but us man have to use our body to compliment the underwear. Consider a pair of CK brief. Put one on a flat ass and another or a bubble butt, I'm sure we all know where our eyes and hands would be on. It doesn't matter what kind of underwear you prefer, boxer, briefs, jockstrap, g-string, one must always have a pair of smooth, firm and bubbly butt to look nice in them. Working out the butt can be quite an embarassing gym routine. Some man are just damn lucky to be born with a nice ass. Such an ass!

Still, choosing the right underwear does add some flavor into the sex. Nothing like a man with a pair of sexy underwear lying on bed. Err, although I would prefer a sexy man instead... Anyway, it does increase the sexual energy regardless if you have a fetish for underwear. But really, try having the top wear a pair of boxer with fly while the bottom in jockstrap, you'll be surprise how different the sex could be

21 July 2006


When one is single, the world is your oyster. Any decision made are enjoyed and bared by you. When one is attached, any decision made has its implication especially decision that could change one’s life. In this case, not one but two lives. How do you make such a decision?

If a chance of a lifetime presented itself to you to achieve the dream of your life, would you jump onto it without thinking? If you were single, you would. If you were not really in love with him, you would. But if you were to really love him, would you? Bring him along, most would answered. But have you ever thought about whether he can go along with you? It’s no longer about how true the love is but how cruel the world is. When we are in love, we don’t care about the social status of our partners. But the society cares. It’s a free world but we don’t all go where we want to go. Like it or not, we are chain down by the status quo.

Even if both are successful in life, it would not be easy, as a matter of fact, especially if both are equally successful in life, it might prove all the harder. How do we persuade ourselves or the other to relinquish the fruit of their hard work? Both have their own direction in life. The things they want to achieve in their life. Even if they are in sync in the matter of love, they would still have different expectation for themselves. How much are we willing to sacrifices? How much are you willing to see him sacrifices?

20 July 2006

Gym Hangover

The good thing about going to the gym, besides the healthy lifestyle, is the drooling sight that caters for all different sorts of appetite and preferences. You have your muscle maniac, handsome stud, slim twink, cute model, muscle mary, fat uncle, old pervert, big butt lady, anorexic gal, 6 pack wannabe and the list go on.

It was all exciting and fun to join a gym for the first time as you are bombarded with visual pleasantries in a moderately confined space. You can sit on a cycling machine and look at those handsome guys walking pass you. Run on a treadmill situated behind a climbing machine to experience the butt action first hand. Rest after lifting and peep at the muscle stud flexing his muscle. Or you can always stay in the changing room and wait for the stripping show to start…

But when you really get into the whole gym cycle, you realize that it was the same bunch of people day in day out. They became strangers that you know very well. Sometimes, just by looking at their back you know who they are. Somehow, you are able to develop a sense of connection with them as if you know them very well. Yet, this strangers only cross your life in this particular location and nowhere else. And as you get to know these strangers more, some of the pleasantries started to fade. The handsome stud in the same bodypump class doesn’t seem as handsome anymore as more and more details are available to you. His face was not as smooth as you think. His hairstyle was subject to periodical disaster and possible receding hairline. It is then that you become conscious that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… standing  at a great distance away.

12 July 2006


I'm a little dubious as to why some prefer to define themselves using the female perspective. Pretty. Queen. Bitch. Lady. Girl. I know we are queer, but do we need to be as queer? When did liking a man automatically makes you a girl? Can I not retain my masculine identity and still be in love with another man? Mostly, it is effeminate peolpe that would act such way which some people don't like or appretiate having around. Personally, I don't mind but it just seems weird though. Maybe I am just not open enough.

Some friends are very conscious about this matter. They don't mind if it occurs in a gay environment, but not during non-gay environment. They feel icky or embarass, maybe because they are still in the closet and do not wish other people to find out or suspect. Some are able to control themselves and only act this way under the right stimulation, but there are times that they let their tongue slip. Some friends even argued over this matter. The arguement mostly surrounds the topic of embracing and disclosing one's sexuality to the others, which often leads to nowhere but disaster.

It's always of contradicting aspect when they voice their opinion. Is being gay normal or abnormal? If it is normal, then why act abnormal by calling yourself a girl? Why not be the man that you are? If it is abnormal, why pretend that you are normal? Everybody has their own definition of things and this is one of those things that will never get a clear definition in a dictionary.

04 July 2006

Who's Online

Being bored at work, I decided to look into details of this website. I went to the Axcesticon page and sum up the total sms votes, which is 4297 votes. Each vote cost RM0.50, which means a total of RM2148.50... which isn't all that much when you minus out all the fees paid to the sms provider. Nobody is really getting any richer.

It's 4 on a Tuesday afternoon and there is actually nearly 400 people log on to axcest. Over half of them of working age. Don't they need to work? Or have they mastered the skill of working-but-not-working as I did?

And then I saw a 14yo profile. Man, what the world is turning in to? Back then, coming out at the age of 18 is consider very extreme. Seniors back then, which is still seniors now, said that their average age of coming  out is 24yo with those who went overseas came out earlier than those who didn't. But now, I guess 18 is outdated regardless if you have ever step on a plane before. Does that mean that they are actually more people having sex with minors? Minors only doing with people their age? Nah, minors are both silly and adventurous. Plus they are bound to be people eager to try such tender meat. Somehow, I just can't bring myself to agreeing with such an act. I guess it's a matter of principal. You just have to let the kids grow out of it themselves naturally, not giving them a helping hand, or in this case mouth or penis...

29 June 2006


“Why do you do it?”
“It just sort of happened.”
“Are you happy?”
“I guess I am. It’s a different sort of happiness I would say.”
“Really. I feel a lot more contented than I ever was. Maybe it’s because I know clearly where I stood in this relationship. No more wondering who he is with or what he is doing.”
“I don’t get you. Didn’t you despise your position all this while?”
“Funny for such a turn of event indeed. I don’t know. It all seems so right for me at this moment. I guess you  really have to be in my shoe to know how I feel.”
“What if he decided to go back?”
“He was never mine to begin with. I might be sad for awhile but surely not as long anymore.”
“If he leave his for you?”
“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll advice him not to. Who knows what the future holds.”
“So you are just having fun with him?”
“No. I’m enjoying the feeling of being in love.”

Love is a selfish thing. Most people are selfish that they do not want to share with anyone. Some people are selfish in which they share themselves with others. Yet there are some people who are selfish in which they enjoy the feeling of sharing. They willingly took the part which the society frown upon. They do not ask for commitment. They do not ask for the promise of eternity. They do not ask for understanding or forgiveness. They only wish to be loved. Someone that could fill the spidery cracks in their life. Friends could not understand why men of such charm would willingly undergo such torment. But such askew love seems to be the only antidote to their long aching heart. Even lost, it would not make the heart ache worse.

To them, there is a difference between feeling in love and being in love. The high level of euphoria one experience when one who feels that one is in love is staggering. The simple image of the man one was falling for could bring a smile to one’s face anytime. But such ecstasy last only so long until one is finally in love. The heat slowly drops and the passion diminishes as they both began to be aware of their surrounding again. They don’t seem to love each other as madly as before. Arguments seem to be their way of communication. Everything falls into routine. Unjustly expectations were enforced upon each other. Finally it ends.

They don’t believe that arguments strengthen a relationship by learning to tolerate each other better. For they feels that when one tolerates, one change and through such changes, one transform into someone else, losing  the original essence that one supposedly falls for. Do we want to lose ourselves for the sake of another? Or wanting someone to change for the sake of us? Have we become a better person through these changes? Would we regret such changes if the relationship did not work out? Such sacrifices seem noble in the eye of love but yet is it worth it? Although it’s a price many are willing to pay, but they ponder how long and often can one pay if it doesn’t work out every time? Some people just don’t have the luck of meeting Mr Right. And when failures seems to greet you at every turn, one can’t help but lose hope, at least to the extent that the childish fantasy of a perfect relationship fades into the mist of our memory.

That is why as they age and gain experience in life, they have lesser and lesser expectation in relationship. It is where all the negative comments that gay relationship doesn’t last that nurtured them into form. Even though there might be a few happy endings, yet it was not enough to tip the balance. Worse was when a good relationship turns sour and finally becoming bitter in the end, making worse the flavor of the soup.

That is why, given a choice, some people decided to take things into their own hand. Wanting only the feeling of love but discarding their position in love like a spectator in a chess game. The result is insubstantial  to them; only the process in which they felt loved. Even though they knew that it is likely to loose form with the slightest breeze and that it would slip through their hands anytime, it was something they rather hold than the possible future they might grasp. Love has always been a selfish indulgence to them in which they dwell.

26 June 2006


First there was membership card then come Axcesticon, I wonder when the Axcest T-Shirt, Axcest Skincare Range and Axcest Reality Show is coming up? Nothing against the organizer, as a matter of fact, I applause the ingenious method used to cash in on this niche market. SMS contest/voting are so common nowadays that it is becoming a very lucrative business indeed. If the money is flowing, so why not flow this way, at least it would keep the site partially free. After all the hustle, it's just another form of entertainment anyway. And if someone is getting rich from this, so be it. People get rich everyday, it's all a matter determination, hardwork, creativity and a pinch of good luck.

Some friends commented that gay don't know how to plan for their future. They earn and they spend all on themselves because they have no worries of raising a family in the future. Thus they live a lavish lifestyle, travelling around the globe, dining in exquisite restaurants and showering themselves with designer labels. This is true, but not wholly true. They are alot of gay people who knows how to earn and plan their future. It is actually not a sex-oriented problem but more of a character problem although gay tend to have a higher percentage in part due to their no-family policy, more acute fashion sense and exposure.

For most working gay between the age of 18-35, such is the lifestyle that they would want. A steady job, a good bf and spending great time together with friends. It seems like a simple equation to paradise for them. But then, sooner or later, reality will sink in and we realized that we haven't been really planning for our future. Is this one house, one car and one job enough to support me for the rest of my life? After retirement, how am I going to survive with those little EPF that I have? There ain't gonna be any daughter or son to take care of me. How would life be by then? And god know what kind of problems might arise then. Are most of us prepared for the future? Are most of us even aware of the problem?

Revelation usually comes around 35-40, some even later, but by then we have only so little time left to prepare ourselves for the coming winter. Prime age has slipped by so silently. Some may argue that even if they start saving now, what they save is not enough to get them through when they are older as the value of money depreciate. So it is no more a matter of arsenal but a matter of conquering lands using existing arsenal, expanding ones territory and colonizing profitable resources.

18 June 2006


I can't quite understand what is it with alias. Why do people like to use alias so much? Well, actually I could  partially understand it, for the case of ONS anyhow, that we want to classified ourselves to sex and none sex names are justifiable. We do not want the person that we are only going to meet once to know our real name. But then again, if we are only going to meet once, what's the big deal of knowing your real name? Although the chance of bumping into him is not as remote as we think, still it all seem so pointless. What if you bump into the guy after years and he calls you by your fake name which you have forgotten, wouldn't that be awkward? Or do we just pretends that we don't know them.

But what about in the case of friends? Do we really need a gay name and a straight name to differentiate our life? How would you react to a friend that you knew for a month or two, who out of the blue during dinner said, "by the way, my name's not Alex but Zachary." What would be the first thing that crosses your mind? For me, it would be ~ change the display name in my phone. Personally, I don't give a damn but not all are as forgiving as me.  Many would feel cheated, because name in itself is both a minute and enormous factor in a relationship. We know the person by his name first, his character later. By faking your name, it distrupt the whole relationship process, making it hard to adjust accordingly.

A friend's ex has two names. Until now, he is not sure which is his real name if either one is really his name. Although they did broke up just in a couple of months and are not seeing each other, but what if they were able to continue on, how should the ice be broke? Wouldn't it be weird that the name that you have been moaning of every time he makes you high is not his name? Wouldn't it be weirder still if the man that you are making love with are calling you by a different name and you can't correct him because he didn't know the better?

11 June 2006

Let the dust lies

Not many gays are openly gay. Some are totally hidden while some only reveal to their family, close friends, gay friends or sex partners. Most of us are semi-disclosed and are satisfied with how things were, more or less. But that's our dirty little secret, it doesn't stop us from wanting to know other people's orientation. We wonder if handsome Adam from account are gay? Or the specky cute guy from 17th floor are gay? Maybe that high school classmate that never seem to have any gf are gay? Or that cute guy with 5 elder sisters are gay? If that muscular jock in gym are gay, which most probably are anyway just don't have any confirmation...

Some are good in detecting other gay. Some friends like to say, "look at his face also know is gay la..." It holds true for some, some are quite gayish in their outlook, some in their mannerism, some you never thought that he was gay until someone else confirmed of sleeping around with him. Yet, it is often fun to guess if someone is gay, sometimes it can be thrilling to know that someone is gay like the case of celebrities. But there comes a time that those things are better left unknown. Do we really want to know if our siblings or parents are gay? Do we really want to know our best friend that we have a crush on are gay? Maybe we do… But what if this friend is actually secretly attached to that cute gym hunk that you’ve been drooling over? Damn, double damn!

Revelation comes with a price. Knowing that the cute gym hunk that you have been eyeing is gay doesn't really make a difference. Because we realized that they are out of our league. It's not looking down upon ourselves, its call reality. Sometimes it is good to have a wet dream, sometimes reality hits you hard in the crotch especially when a hardon is coming. Take the case of the hip-hop instructor that everybody knows. When you first see him, you'll think... cute. Then when you realized that he is gay, you'll think sheepishly... I thought so too. When you realized that he is attached, you think miserably... would I ever get someone as good and damn if his bf is equally cute? The comments regarding this couple varies, some good some bad, but the bottom line is people are attached while you are not, ha! It's a spiral of despair.

Yet, it is sometimes awkward to find some friends that you have previously known are actually gay. The transition of changing the topic from when are you getting married to have you been sleeping around with that guy takes time. Plenty of time. I knew a classmate that is gay, but I just can’t bring myself to admitting that I am too. Maybe he already knew that I am, but that topic never came up and we just let it be as it is. Maybe if one day I bump into him in a gay place or gathering, it could break the ice, but it would certainly be very embarrassing if it was a gay sex party of sorts.

Sexyback, Brokeback, Bareback

I got my hand on a copy of last month's New Icon, yeah outdated indeed, but better late then never. Anyway, went flipping through the magazine and basically dive right into Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 2006/07. According to a friend of mine, this years candidates seems to be in better shape than last year, which I have missed, thus no comment. Anyhow, true to their name, they are mostly hunks indeed. Simply look at those muscles and you know how discipline they are in maintaining their body. Which makes me wonder, if they are all discipline, does that mean they have a taste for the master/slave kink? The image of those hunks as slaves certainly stir somethings up...

Looking at their bios, most of them seems to be gym instructors, brawn over brains? Just kidding... Although I was quite surprise to see chef listed as one of the occupation. I really cannot imagine those muscle hunk baking or cooking in a kitchen wearing sparkling white uniform. I have yet to see porn in this particular scenario.

And then there was Q3, which goes something like "who's you idol?". Looking at their answers, one can really see a clear difference of age. Most of them cited celebrities, namely Andy Lau... In some weird and twisted way, I guess I should have expected such answers from muscle hunks. The typical superficial cliche association of brawn over brains kicking in again. I was really hoping for answers that requires me to google for further info, but I guess that would be asking too much.

Finally there was Q4, "describe yourself in 3 words". Some candidates gave some interesting answers indeed and then you get to the last page... Why is the answer more then 3 words? Which part of the question they don't understand? Hmm... Cliche brawn over brains flashing over my mind again. Maybe they replied in english and was translated into chinese, that's why there is so many words. Wait, one of the candidates have english chinese answer, why not the rest? Lousy copywriter...

Of course, the most interesting part would be guessing who is gay. We all know Axcesticon. There was Mr LQ candidates. That guy I know from my gym and he is always hanging around the group of muscle mary. The guy which has "I am gay" written all over his face, tothe well-honed gaydar anyway. The guy that looks yummy and I certainly hope that he is gay.

I really wonder what would those girls, in this case anatomically female, thinks when they realized that the hunk that they voted for is gay. Of course, we all know that goodlooking hunky guys that appears on media are usually gay, if not bi, but I don't think that's common knowledge with girls. I think the girls and gays would have the same feeling when they realized that a handsome cute guy's sexual orientation are not what they hope to be, which would be ~ what a pity.

If they were to use these 3 words to describe themselves, I think it would really clear everything up for everyone. Sexyback. Brokeback. Bareback.

09 June 2006

A Matter of Life and Death

Question: Imagine that you are happily in love with the perfect guy that you’ve dreamed for. Living a happy life finally contented. Then you found out that you have a terminal disease. What would you do?
(A) Tell your perfect guy about it and fight it together.
(B) Tell your perfect guy about it and break up with him so that he wouldn’t see you suffer.
(C) Not tell him about it and break up with him so that he wouldn’t see you suffer.

First, the question is universal; it applies to all relationship without prejudice. Second, the question can be view in opposite where it was the perfect guy that is ill instead of you. Compare the two answers truthfully and you’ll find out something about yourself.

But the question itself can be expanded to include different variables that would affect the different type of choices available. What type of disease? Is it something transmittable? If it is transmittable, where did it come from? Was it AIDS? Who were having unprotected rampant sex? Following this line of thinking, the choices aren’t likely to be pleasant.

But if it is just some disease like cancer, then the choices available are still viable. Part of answer A and B involve telling him about it. The question following this is whether the guy can accepts it, if he is willing to go through it with you? We can probably argue that because he was the perfect guy, of course he would be by the side till the end. But we are not perfect, human endurance can only go so far. If even for family members it proves to be a challenge, let alone two that is only in love. Would we be angry at our love one for not being able to go through the pain together but only the joy? Or are we capable of enduring a pain that is not our physical concern? It’s like the movie A Walk To Remember, finally she died and left him behind. But what if she were to live even longer still, would it still be the same ending for both of them? Or what happen to him way afterward when she died? We can only ponder.

For answer B and C, it involves the decision of going through it alone. Again, are you a lover that can only share joy but not pain? Maybe it is too much to ask for some healthy strangers, albeit a well known stranger, to accompany us on such a journey. But maybe we can be lucky enough to meet one such person. Still, do we want them to experience the emotional roller coaster ride as we do? But then again, if we are terminally ill, we should be allow to throw a tantrum once in awhile, for god sake, it’s not like those tantrums are going to repeat more often… or can we? It was not a matter of fairness, if the world is fair, we will all be living happily ever after.

Thoery of Special Relativity (6:18 PM - 3, Jun 2006 Saturday)
People tends to condemn long distance relationship. They do not believe that it would work. They say that the distance makes the two person drift apart. Infidelity, lies, sadness and torments lay in wait for all those who dare venture into such relationship. But is it true? Does not normal distance relationship are also likely to have the same problems?

So why does most LDR fails? It was mostly due to infidelity. We cannot accept the fact that our partner is sleeping around with someone else. It usually involves a man willing to celibate and another man unable to celibate. And it is only proper to remind you that it is not always the top that flirts around, sometimes it is the bottom that has an itchy hole.  It is usually this imbalance of sexual energy that cause the sexually deprieved party to ask for a break. A flirter in a LDR wouldn't mind having a bf while still fooling around. Why is it that we are so unwilling to forego the sex if it was love that we search for. Isn't love a whole mental aspect while lust is just a bodily satisfaction? Many are willing to save sex for a love one but they are not willing to love one who had sex with people other than them.

Distance is just an excuse used, it was never the underlying factor that determines the success of a relationship. It has always boils down to trust. When involved in a relationship, we have to trust and have faith in our partner regardless if he is lying next to us everyday or sleeping alone across the continent. It is simple as that yet simpler said then done. It is the norm of human to be weary, faith does not come easy. Just  because LDR requires a lot more trust, that doesn't mean it would not work out. If one is determine to abuse the trust, he can still find time to shag someone and come back in time to have supper with you. It is all in the effort you put in and how good a liar one is.

Comparing a normal relationship and a LDR, a lot more effort are needed to maintain it. Conversation became a major aspect in the relationship. The phone bills for a LDR couple are probably a few times higher than the rest. But it is an investment well spend. Would a couple that have dinner together every night converse as much as a LDR couple that talks on phone every night? When a couple are seeing each other everyday, the time spend in talking became less because they have fall into a routine of doing other things together instead. They might go to gym together, catch a midnight movie or stay comfortably at home watching TV while cuddling together. It all sounds so warm and nice, but that does not really improve a relationship. It is just time spend together, not time spend to know each other.

What a couple in a LDR achieved was mental compatibility, which is what drives a relationship in a long run.  What about sex? We gay are branded somehow to be sexually deprived and need it every day. Really, how many of us can do it every night? After one hits 25, the fluctuation of libido are usually disrupted by work pressure, weight management and credit card bills. Only a handful of people can affort to do it every single damn night. We don't die if we don't have sex. That's why man discovered masturbation. If one recalls the time while one are single and not having any available partners, the way to release the libido are through self-exploration. Once the juice is out of the body so is the urge out of one's circulation. In the end, it is still the effort one puts in to curb the urges. Also, many people are able to practice celibacy whether through self-imposed dedication or hectic schedule. It helps to curb if one has a life or a career or both.

But some men are just easily subdued by temptation. There is no better reason to fool around than not having the boyfriend around. It doesn't really hurt if he doesn't find out for real. He might suspect it but he would probably be much more forgiving because he feels that he cannot provide you adequetly. Not in a normal relationship, if one fools around while coming back home every night, it takes a man of great heart to forgive. Or a man of great look, deep pocket and tremendous charm to win a forgiveness. Either way, it probably wouldn't last for long.

A change of heart happens because of the shift of ones view upon life and the needs of life. It was never the distance nor the lack of sex. We change because we simply do. Human revolution.

29 May 2006

The Best ~ Tine Turner

ONS, it is the third thing that a gay man learns when he starts his journey out of the closet into the world. The first thing he learns is his interest in men. The second thing should be the pleasure of masturbation. The third is ONS which is accompanied by kissing, oral sex and, but not necessary inclusive, anal sex. That is the more common flow. There might be jumbling of sequence for some, but those are probably the three primary aspects for a newly emerging gay.

During the younger age filled with raging hormones, most gays are able to take sex lightly. It was to many of them and outlet of their sexual energy, although it still remains true for some older gays. One of the best attributes of being gay is the amount of random sex that we can have without worrying that we might mistakenly impregnate our partner. The exposure of STDs is equal if you are not practicing safe sex for both  straight and gays. Mind you, globally AIDS are more commonly transferred through heterosexual intercourse than homosexual intercourse. As long as you are willing and capable, there is no lack of sexual adventures and you don’t even need to pay. For most gay, our sexual experience would probably be three if not four fold richer than our straight peers.

But as we age, our urge for sex slowly decrease regardless of our sexual orientation. Gays get tired of having sex with different people and long for a stable relationship. But to some, it is just a passing feeling. Really, having sex with different people can be enticing. It is like eating rice day in day out, one would hope to try bread, noodle or steak once in awhile. Just that for some, their choice of dining are varied more frequent than the rest of us. Of course, some prefer a normal healthy relationship instead of rampant sex. A matter of choice.

What are the benefits of ONS? For one, it exposes us to the different types of people and make us realize that we are very common, we are everywhere. In every economy sector, in every profession and in every housing area too. If you think about it, if one house can have 4 person, one level 6 units, one block 20 levels, one condo 2 blocks, you end up with 960 people in one condo area. The chances of having 1 gay in 960 is not that slim at all.

Sex is a performance mastered through exposure and experience. How else could one become better in it? Certainly no self-help book would help unless you practice it. That is where ONS comes in. You’ll be amazed as to what people are capable of in bed. The transformation from a shy boy to bitchy man can pop your eyes off.

Most of the time, you get a glimpse into the real person when you are in bed. He is naked and he shed some of his pretence. Also, pleasure spots varied, some man just are covered with those while some requires tender maneuver.

~I call you when I need you, my heart's on fire
You come to me, come to me wild and wild
When you come to me
Give me everything I need~

26 May 2006

Two sides of a coin

"I thought he was different, but I was wrong."
"Different? What are you expecting? You guys chatted for a couple of hours and got into bed!"
"I can feel that he was different when we chat. But after that night, he seems to have change to a different person."
"Hello! Earth calling mars. It's call ONS. One. Uno. The rule of the game is that you are only suppose to play it once with one person."
"It's not a game for me, ok! I thought he wanted friendship. Not just sex."
"You and I are friends, you don't find us sleeping together. Friends don't fool around."
"How could people be so cruel towards other people's feeling?"
"How could anybody be more idiotic then you! Please, I feel like slapping you."

It is true that many would prefer friendship over sex. But one has to accept the fact that there is an equal amount of people wanting sex instead of friendship too. Friendship and sex is like oil and water, those two don't mix. If you want to befriend someone, you don't think about having sex with them. Once you've crossed the threshold, that's it. It’s either moving on to become lovers or drifting apart to become strangers. If it didn’t work out, the blame should not be put onto the person who considers it ons since he never wanted it to work in the first place. The fault is on the wishful thinkers, wishing that it might be the beginning of a great relationship. True, some does start that way but most don't. Why can't they just accept the rules of the game? One might have unwillingly entangled themselves in this devious game call ons but that does not mean the pain will go away miraculously when you've pulled yourself out. Denying what happened on that night doesn't do anything. You have your fun too, you didn't really lose anything. The feelings that one invested is not lost, it's wasted, and all because of one own folly.

What about those friends that fools around together? The technical term is sex buddies. It describes two players of the game that knows the rules of the game very well. They don’t call the other every day and wonders if the other misses him or not. They contact each other when the need arise. They know the risk of sexually transmittable disease if they decided to do it bareback. They don’t take grudges when the other is not free to entertain them. They don’t feel hurt because the other is having fun with other people. They don’t mind sharing the same men. On and on the list can go. If you cannot tolerate such unwritten laws of rampant sex, don’t play the game. If you do not know how complex was the game, don’t judge the game.

22 May 2006

Vanity, so be it

So I decided to put up a picture, one that shows nothing but crotch. It seems that gay chatters nowadays like to show bare chest or underwear pics. It's call being discreet it seems, so I'm just tagging along. Mayhap it will attract some attention, probably mostly the wrong kind. But if someone wanted to have sex with you base on your crotch pic and disregard your look, I guess ons would become much more attainable....

Picture Please

People, overall, have over confidence of themselves when it come to their looks. If you are above par, you tend to over estimate how high the par is, which is where the ONS elimination starts. Is it true that handsome and cute guys tend to have more sex then the rest of us and most of their partners are also cute and handsome?

And then there is older people who think that they look young but are actually not. I guess there is probably a generation gap as to the definition of prime body... Age is absolute, we have to accept them regardless...

10 May 2006

Spacious Interior

“There might be a third person in my relationship.”
“Ha! Serves you right. Always go fooling around. Time you learn your lesson.”
“Ya ya. But sorry to disappoint you. I meant me having another person, not him.”
“Oh… hmm… so what are you going to do next?”
“I don’t know. Let see how things goes.”
“You don’t worry him finding out?”
“Oh… sorry… stupid question. Experience and professionalism. I keep forgetting that. Can’t believe I’m saying this… Best of luck?”
“I’m not tossing a coin any time soon.”

Can a man love more then one person? We see some parents giving equal love to all their children. We see siblings loving each other. So, why not a man loving more then one person? Different types of love maybe? But I thought love knows no boundary, so why was it differentiated and having a quota of 1? If we are buying the anti-gay Christian belief that God’s love is limited and do not include same sex love, then who are we, these sinful minute occurrence in the infinite universe, to proclaim our love boundless. We can only best be as limited as our creator. But those are two opposing view, how can a gay man of faith accept them at the same time? Arguments build like castle in the air.

Divine interpretation aside, common man cannot accept a person who can love more than one. They call them slut. But why is it that we cannot accept the fact that some men have rooms in their heart for more than one? We see in history, many men have more than one wife and they live together happily. No reason it cannot happen in this circle. Most of us are weary that they might be playing us a fool. Truth be told, there are abundant of those heartbreakers out there, but so are those rare individual with spacious rooms in their heart. Justification for fooling around? Possible. So is the existence of such men.

We want it whole and we want it all, some may argue. Love is selfish, yet there is two person involved in a relationship. You are being selfish because you want to own the whole man, but he can also be selfish because he wants to make himself available to other people. Whatsoever you should someone do to you, do  so onto them. If you want someone to be faithful to you, you should be faithful to him first. Shouldn’t the other way works the same too, that if I don’t need you to be faithful to me, so can I not be faithful to you. That’s an excuse for fooling around of course. Still, it points out the fact that in a relationship, it is not what you want but what you are willing to give and accept in return. It was never a fair trade but so is life. Anyone who tells you that life is fair must really hate you indeed.

We see in some Chinese series that often when the wife found out that the good husband has another wife outside, she breaks down completely. It seems impossible for a man to perform such feat of caring for two families, but they did it nonetheless. If one never finds out, then life still goes on as usual. Time will unwrap the whole truth and then all hell breaks loose. But the truth does not unmake the man you know, it just makes you see clearer who the man really is. Often, it is a more tarnish version, but that is not the type of men I am referring to. It is those that were good in the beginning and better in the end, those rare few that have adequate space in his heart for two. If two, why not three or four? Rules of Orgies, two is fun, three is a party, four is a mess.

07 May 2006

Chat Fun V2.0

Nowadays, you need to have handle(s) to survive in the world wide web. Be it a username that is easy to remember, words with special meanings, phrase that sums you up in the best of manner or simply random words that gives you a touch of mystery. You can't go anywhere without them especially in chatrooms. It is the vital first impression that people make on you so it is often good to choose nicely.

In the case of irc, you can easily change your handle according to your needs. You can opt for the direct approach of calling yourself HornyNow or WantSexNow or any other relevant handle that shows how horny you are. You can also tell the world of your preferences or physic by naming yourself ChubChaser, WantSlimNow, GymFitGuy, CuteYoungBoy or whatsoever strikes your fancy. Some simply give you all their stats in one shot like 28-178-65-b, which seems like a group of code use in the post-apocalyptic human world.

On some chatrooms where you have to register, it is often wise to bear in mind that you are stuck with the handle for a very long time unless you don't mind the whole registering process. It is always a mistake to put your age at the end of your handle coz by the time you've been through the whole thing, you are no longer of that age. It's either misleading or hilarious or both when a guy who is in his late 30s are still using the handle Young18.

Handles aside, I find many gay man are quite rude, bitchy or down right offensive when it comes to chatroom ethic. It is not really seeking attention, it is worse then that. They are just blurting out words that makes people wanna go over and punch them in the face. Down right degrading. I wonder if they act such an ass in real life or not, probably not... cause they should be dead by now if they are indeed such an ass hole.

So, you are in a chatroom and people prompt you for chat, maybe they have sex in mind, maybe not. But I guess it is expected that you'll have both type, mostly those with sex in mind, prompting you if you are in a chatroom. You don't really need to get offensive and all bout those interested in sex. Just simply decline, that's not hard to do. You don't want it doesn't mean other people are not looking for it. No need to get upset and cursing all over.

Then there are those who wanted to swap pic but right after seeing your pic, they go quiet or give you other people's pic. I was quite mad before this about people not giving you their pic after you have given them, but I have learned that it is actually pointless to get upset over such trivial matters. He might think that he looks cute, handsome or whatever in comparison to me, so what, to hell with your look. Funnier still when they gave you a pic that actually belongs to a friend that you might know. Obviously the dude is impersonating a friend to get you off their back, but have they ever wonder that the other party might not really wanna have sex with them. Sigh. Anyway, I sincerely believe that being better looking doesn't mean they score better in sex, although I have to admit that there are a lot of sucker for good look which tip the balance in their favor for being snobby.

Another fun thing to do in chatroom are reading someone's profile on a chatroom, which can immensely increase one's vocabulary database... I learned what's avuncular... something related to uncle, which I don't think I would ever use the word in anywhere. I have no idea such word would exist as a matter of fact... And then vitriolic,something which felt vitriol, another handy word that I might be able to throw in next time... provided it is still in my brain when I switch it off tonight. And also coitusphile, which comes from the word coitus. According to the webster dictionary, it means physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements usually leading to the ejaculation of semen from the penis into the female reproductive tract in order word, intercourse. Which can be pronounced as koi-tus or ko-e-tus. Time to go coitus someone.

01 May 2006

Chat Fun

What is the most common occurance in a chatroom? Rejection. Either rejecting sexual offer or offer rejected. Some people claim that they reject sexual offer because they are not interested in having ons, but I think it is more likely that they guy offering is not handsome or cute enough. I was told that the goodlooking one often pick, not offer. That is why I wait to be picked up on instead...

Rejection usually starts after the picture trading. Although some start rejecting at a earlier stage of asl and tvb, but it still depends on the picture afterward. Most people would likely pass on a ugly head attached to a  muscled body. To date, the worst rejection thrown at me was... "sorry,you type too slow" Ouch!

So I was bored with nothing much to do on a sunday night and logged on to chatrooms. Not many interesting people online nor did any people prompt me for chat or sex. Instead I spend my time reading some of the stuff people posted on the public room. Many seems desperate for a relationship. But do they really think that they could hit the jackpot there? I wonder... But seeing the increase numbers of people desperate for love, searching on the world wide web, I guess the chance of bumping into one ain't so slim although they might have to scuffle through a horde of horny people before reaching a possible ideal people to chat with...Or, they could always have sex first then hope that one of them turns into Mr Right instead... Somehow it all seems a little too far fetch.

One of the more interesting / desperate / depress lines I have ever read from the irc public room goes something like this...

Dude : do u want play any kinky action?? SM ?? i'm pure slave...msg me pls if u r serious player.... i'm fat but i willing to do anything that u force me..

Yes, I know being fat and gay at the same time can be a little harsh in a gay world that is superficial. But where is the self-respect? Can someone be so overweight that their self-esteem was buried under those thick layer of fat? If it is, shouldn't they wake up and start dieting. The obesity probably kill first before anything could go wrong with the SM. I have seen some jovial fat gay man before, so I'm sure it's just a matter of adjusting one's perspective.

The most riduculous ons line would probably be this:

Dude: any 1 here looking 4 some adventure now reply me i am in kl area free 2 see u all nw.. adventure i guess u know wat it means

Oohh... adventure... I wonder does it include candles for lighting in the dark, Indiana Jones's whip for chasing off the wild animals...

This was an excerpt from one guy who prompt me for chat...

The Guy: Nothing special just a safe fun buddy
Me: ic....
Me: fun buddy meaning sex wise rite?
The Guy: he he no huge expectation with o experience also okay s long s meet my regulations
Me: haha... regulations? and wut might those regulations be?
The Guy: term and condition ha ha
Me: i'm very interested to hear those terms and conditions
The Guy: just a basic first must starct - discreet- decent- clean and average acceptable
Me: ok....

I'm now venturing into newer pasture here. I always knew that ons is about looks, body and role but never in my mind could it be more subtle then this... Of cause the end result is still about sex but isn't it nice that sex was presented in a less cliche manner. Hmm... nah... who am I kidding... that's a whole crap of rubbish.

30 April 2006

Villains by Necessity

Axcest member card... hmm... a prove of our gayness. Somehow it all seems so disquieting.

They say that we should embrace our own identity, but to how far should we embrace it? Wouldn't it be consider as inappropriate flaunting instead? Some might look down upon me because they deem that I don't accept my sexuality, that I don't admit that I am gay. But how many of us can really comfortably admit that we are gay before our family and friends? Not all are lucky enough to have accepting family and friends. Even for them, it is not thorough acceptance but only those they deem dear. If we are to be discriminated because we are gay, we have no where to turn to. Then, shouldn't the wise course would be not admitting it, in pretense of a straight life instead. It just makes life less complicated. Life is a hurdle enough without us adding obstruction for ourselves. Although we are only prolonging the inevitable, it is still something I would chance on.

Does that mean our life are build upon lies and masqueration? But that's whats life are build upon. Whose life are without lies and masqueration? If yours trully are, then I congratulate you but deep inside I hold that the biggest lie ever.

Some say that they are born to be gay. They can do nothing about it. But certainly they could deny it and live a straight life however torturing it might be. Many have done it and are learning to live through it. Saying that we are born to be gay are just an excuse to drool over the rejections by society. I don't deny that we might be born to be gay, but I still believe that we need to accept it in order to live with it. By such acceptance, am I not embracing my own identity? Eventhough I am not admitting that I am gay before my family and friends? Is verbal acknowledgement that important?

24 April 2006

Head High Chin Up

"I'm going to break up with my boyfriend."
"Oh..... why?"
"Because I found out that he is a little sissy."
"Huh? But didn't you notice that when you first get together?"
"Well, he is quite masculine when we were first together, but now, he is getting more femine. He talks soft, he act soft, he sings soft... he is soft."
"Hmm... are you going to use that as a reason to break up with him?"
"Have you told him?"
"Oh... did he accept that reason?"
"Hell no. He doesn't accept it when I told him."
"I told him I'm gonna write him an email as to why, but he just went offline"
"Err... you told him through the net?"
"I see. But I guess nobody wants to read an email that explain why they are being dumped."
"I guess so."
"Well, good luck then."
"Hmm... thanks. Anyway, got to go now. Talk to you later."
"Ok. Bye."

Gay relationship are very volatile in a sense that commitment is a very platonic issue. Most gay couple don't live happily ever after. At least not for the first, second, thrid, fourth, fifth or N try. I guess sometimes it is understandable for some people to critisize gay relationship.

How would one define gay? Is it someone who is interested in the same sex? Or was it someone who feel that they should be born the opposite sex? Wasn't that the difference between homosexual or transexual?

I found that many gay people are rather soft. Sometimes, just by the way they talk and walk, you can tell who is gay. Actually, that is the only way I can tell in distinguishing gay and non-gay. My gaydar are very lousy. Everytime when I decided to go out with someone I chatted, I would ask them whether they are straight-acting or sissy. Everytime they would say that they are straight-acting. But when I did meet them, I found that they are actually not as straight-acting as they claim. Maybe my definition of straight-acting are different from theirs but to me, they are clearly gay even if I don't know it initially. Might be that, as some of my friends said, we are more loosen up when we are with those of same gang...

I am not saying that I am bias and discriminates about how one carry themselves but I sometimes just ponder, since I am gay and I like men, why would I want to be with some man who act girly. If I want that, I might as well get a real girl.... I don't think it has anything to do with sex coz one can perform oral or anal sex in a heterosexual relationship too... unless it was because of the male genitalia... Hmmm.....

23 April 2006

The Pinnacle of Porn

There come a time when you are watching hardcore porn and suddenly a weird thought creeps in, where is the storyline? It is then that you realized you have reached the pinnacle of hardcore porn where two, three, four or N people having sex are no more enticing. You long for a good storyline amidst the sex. Beautiful scenary instead of the 4 walls, one bed and two person making out. The mindless act of sex become a little too uncomprehensible, where the correct response was no longer easily called to hand. Eventhough you realized that hardcore porn are as it is - people having sex, yet some part in you hope for more depth not deeper thrust. Because you know that in the end, you are not thrusting anything besides your member and your hand.

It goes for sex too. There will be a time where sex is no longer about getting hard, putting it in somewhere then cum and go. You long for intimate moment but not the long term relationship kind. You still long for the  no string attached one night stand but hope that it was something more then ONS, less then love-making. It should be a mixture of sex and love, where both party's aim is to fulfill the other person's lust. The whole point of sex is to be high and enjoyable, not cum and get tired.

09 April 2006

What ship never sinks? Friendship. ~shiver~

If you just want to befriend me, does it matter what I look like? Yeah, it does. Well, I'm superficial, so are you. If you feel that I'm not presentable to be your friend, fine, you stuck up sob.  We all have the rights to choose our friends, and it's not wrong if we want to surround ourselves with goodlooking friends. Vain as it is, we just can't help it, it's in our bones. Gay pride... haha.

But it is a totally different matter when you refuse to show your picture and expect people to accept you as who you are. Nobody are that lacking in friends to accept such bullshit. Come on, so you are not running for Manhunt, nor does 99% of the rest of the world. A person who has confidence in himself looks better then those with just good looks, just barely anyway.

Again, if you just want to befriend me, does it matter that I am single or attached or having multiple partners? Oh, you fear that you might fall for me one day because I'm such a good guy that you don't want to be the possible intruders into my beautiful relationship. Well, in that case, I'm flattered, I'll let it go this time.  Sometimes we just overestimate our charms. If the guy that is attached can so easily dump his current for you, he can be as good as it gets. Those who are really committed doesn't budge so easily, they are more often a sore to the eyes instead when they are together. Of course if you found yourself falling for a happily attached friend, then at least you have a standard reference for your future prospect. You can also compare yourself to the so-called competitor and improve yourself accordingly. Think in terms of game theory, there is no reason why it can't be a win-win situation.

And if I am someone who have multiple partners, does it matter what my private life is to you? Unless you want to be one of those partner. And if your fear for sexually transmitable disease, insist on using condoms then.

06 April 2006

To top or not to top, that is the question...

Why does a top like to fuck a guy but not a woman? Hmm... never fuck a woman before, so I wouldn't know for sure. But from what I heard, it is something similar yet different. Similar as in the thrusting movements, different as in the things that your hands can place on and the feel of your tool can also be quite distinct when different positions are involved.

But straightly from a hypothethical point of view, a man probably knows how to please another man then most woman does. Hmm... that doesn't sound quite right. Every man has their own jacking style and speed, usually a mixture of different tempo and beats. With so many years of practice, we learn to hone our skill to satisfy our own needs, but when other people apply their technique onto us, we often find that they are lousy  jacker. Maybe a mere matter of being bias, yet our cock don't lie. If it gets soft during the whole action sequence, it's probably not well aroused or you have an erectile dysfunction problem, in which case one should consult a doctor for early diagnostic. Remember people, erectile dysfunction can be treated if discovered early. A dysfunctioned gay is like a blowup doll, he can only blow and open his hole.

Wait, that's not the question. The question was why does a top like to fuck a guy but not a woman. Begging the question. It assumes that a top is a top because he can fucks. But it disregards the fact that the top is gay  in the first place. Top are attracted to male anatomy at first and prefer fucking later. Not the other way round. Offer your hole to another straight man who never thought of homosexual intercourse, and you'll probably be turn down with a few punch prints on your face. A gay becomes a top for a few reasons, namely the pain, the emotional thresold and the sheer misfortune of not meeting a skill top. Regardless of the reasons, a top will in due course of their life tried being bottom. Whether they can be converted is a totally different matter.

If you assume that a gay top is only someone who likes to shag, then you are wrong, it encompass more then that. Fucking is a natural male behavior, fucking a man on the other hand is merely a choice. We are still gay first, top later. The sight of a naked man aroused us. A prerequisite of being a good top involve good oral skill, great kisser and splendid foreplay. Oh, and of course able to fuck long and hard. Not! The fact is, not many bottom can stand overly long anal intrusion. It might be fun to flirt on long hard anal sex but getting down and dirty to do it can be real daunting for both the top and the bottom. Don't mix-up love making and sex. Love making can be over a long period of time. Sex is usually wrap up in an hour or two, which includes showering before after and maybe even a shot of cigarrate. If the man you are having sex with only want you to suck him and let him fuck you, it is most likely that he consider you as his blow-up doll only, don't think too much of having a relationship with him. If you really enjoy the sex, think of it as a living warm dildo instead.

01 April 2006

Bottoms Up

It seems that I have, all this while, ignorantly misinterpreted the word bottom. I always thought that bottom refers to a person's role during intercourse where a top is someone who perform the entry while bottom are the one who were being entered. Or more plainly, the top fucks while be the bottom are fucked. How wrong was I...

I have actually met quite a few people online who proclaim themselves bottom, but when press for further details revealed that they have actually never done it before. Some were even lacking in sexual experiences. I was puzzled as to how they come to this conclusion that they are bottom. I always thought that you must try it before you know which role suits you best. The initial pain of anal sex should not be taken lightly. Blame it on the internet for making porn so easily available and making people believe that it is all high and wild fun. Let someone fuck you first before you say you are a bottom. Stick to being a top until then. That's what I thought. It's true that a skilled top can make your experience much enjoyable, but how many of us actually has a skilled top for a first time. And if you can't get over the pain phobia, you're probably never gonna allow it until the time when you are in need of an endorscopy.

But now, after several encounters, I seem to be grasping the real meaning of being a bottom. It is actually more of an idea with complex incorporation of the need and preferences of a person in regards to physical and emotional dependency rather then simple pendulum movement of swing in swing out. It was probably twisted the other way round or terms generated to better explain the behavior of gay people but if we were to expand the term top and bottom to include heterosexual relationship, a top would be a man while a bottom a woman. A man enters, a woman entered. In this way, we can also see a correlation that a bottom is very much like a woman. Someone, who in a patriach society, acts as the weaker role that needs TLC. In this sense, a bottom gay man are someone who wants to be taken care of instead of needing to take care someone. They are like the wife in a gay marriage who are suppose to cook, iron and feed the dog. The husband has to bring in the food, buy the cloth and walk the dog. That does not mean that a bottom must be  someone who is effiminate or prefer being entered. You can still be a bottom while entering someone as I am lead to believe.

But many people are confused, assuming that a bottom only refers to someone who like to be fucked. Sexual satisfaction aside, a bottom would prefer to be appretiated and loved. Really, I don't think there are many bottom who just wanted to be fucked and disregard being loved. A top might just wanna shag, but definately not a bottom. Or so help us god. So, the next time you meet a bottom, don't jump into conclusion that they want you to shag them. Really, top guys, treat bottoms with some love and respect first if you really wanna shag that young cute bottom you met on axcest. And by some, I mean lots of work before and lots of works after aka courting and breaking-up.

30 March 2006


It is a common fact and we probably knew it all too well... man are not trustworthy yet we love them nonetheless. So many people was hurt or are still hurting because they have an unfaithful slutty bf but somehow they manage to find reasons to forgive them nonetheless. Was their love so overwhelming that pain has become a part of their joy much akin to anal sex? So what is the reason for such sluttish behavior in the first place? Was it possible that the partner are unable to provide for the others sexual urges? Or man are just animals and are always lead by their cock then their conscience? Both are valid reasons from different point of view but no one would openly admit it. On the other hand, why forgive them? Are they so skilled in  bed that the possibility of another one coming by are next to zero? Or do they believe in love conquering all?

By chance, I know of some such unfaithful slutty guys. Their lips are tightly sealed, nobody really wants to talk about this. Being branded is bad enough. Of course I knew of those love fools too, they are not talking either. They will rage on about how unfaithful their ex are and how much they sacrified but it was never their fault. The victim are always right? I doubt it. But it can be rather awakward sometimes to meet a couple, knowing very well that one of them are fooling around while the other are probably not oblivious about it but pretending that nothing happens. I do not know whether I should appluase one of them for a job well done or pity one of them for the pain sustained.

But if the person are trully unable to fulfill the others sexual need, why are they still together? Why not find someone who can? Hmm... probably because those who can doesn't want a relationship. Or they are just being selfish that they can fool around but they don't allow their partners to. Threesome maybe? Nah... sharing is not slutty bf's forte.

25 March 2006

Cycling Pants & Fetishes in general

What is it with cycling pants? I have actually came across a few guys who has cycling pants fetish. Or have I been talking to the same person all the while?  Yes, I have to agree that there is a certain extent of kinkiness to cycling pants, but wouldn't swimming trunks or underwear be much more attainable or kinkier? Maybe it's my personal preferences, but if I am to be interested in the bulge of a guy in cycling pants, might as well look at bulge of swim wear or undie... hmm... Or was there some particular niftiness that I am not catching here... hmm... Latex... covering torso... tight... buldgy... hmm... no, I can't quite catch the bug.

I have also seen foot fetisher. It's kinda ticklish to be "adored" by a foot fetisher. And I can't quite imagine someone who lick my toes and kiss me later.  My feet are dirty? Well, let me enquire then how many out there who wash their feet prior to having sex.

I've also heard of someone who were into fisting. Totally cannot accept it. I mean, that would make anal sex totally redundant. Who else can satisfied him after a fist has gone in. I don't think even a sperm whale could do the job.

But then again, fetish is very personal, everybody has their own cup of tea. Come to think of it, if everyone has the same fetish, it wouldn't be call a fetish, but a recreational hobby or sports instead.