26 August 2006

Standard of Measurement

How do you answer the question, are you a good fucker or good bottom? Should we be humble or should we be proud? Yes or no doesn't seems quite the answer. Still, how do you judge your own performance? Do people send out questionaires nowadays to evaluate their sexual performance? Or do we look at the repeat order and the frequency of the repeat orders? Even if you perform well this time, does it mean you'll be able to perform as good next time? A certain trick might work on some, but it can disgust someone else too. How can be say how skillful we are in this matter?

If someone were to say that they are good in bed, we obviously have very high expectation of what we are getting. And more often then not, it would turn out to be a disaster because nobody who says that they are good can ever be as good as we want them to be. It's best to leave it to the unknown. But then again, it would be good to know how good a person is too, if you know that it's gonna be a toothpick, you'll probably wanna stay home to pick your own teeth instead. Plus, if you say that you are a good bottom, does it not imply that your hole is loose for you have encountered one too many prick to make you the master you are today? Loose means good? Tight means good? If you are tight, you probably haven't done it as often to  make you good I presume. Or maybe it was the fable hole tightening secret technique...

How do you answer the question, are you good looking? Obviously if a lot of people says that you are, you probably are. But what about the rest of the world who just look normal. I look normal sounds so uninviting. Or should we just shove them our picture and let them decide for us? How many rejection can we accept until we start to think that we are ugly instead?

But bear in mind that most people post a picture that they deem nice, so there might be a certain degree of differences between the photo and the real deal. It's call being photogenic. Some people look better in photo while others better in real. Somehow, people have this expectation of what you see is what you get. If you get something better out of the deal, we call ourselves lucky. If it's something less then expected, you call the  others liar. And it is always the other person's fault for we remain same and true all the way. For goodness sake, people gain or lose weight, they change their hair style and color and last but not least, people age. With so many factors involved, is it not possible that people look different from one picture to another? Plus people didn't say that they are good looking, what the hell did you go imagining stuff and all for?

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