28 August 2006

Love VS Sex

"So, how's things between you and that slutty bf of yours?"
"Cold war I guess."
"For goodness sake, dump him already. You deserve better than a jerk like him."
"But I'm tired already."
"Wouldn't you be even more tired with him doing those things he did behind your back?"
"Do you know that we are both top? We are not sexually compatible."
"Bullshit. Just excuses for him to fool around. You don't go fooling around yourself.... Did you?"
"Fuck off."

Love and sex are both important. Sex without love is ONS. Love without sex is tragedy. We would want to have both, but in essence, not many can be as lucky. It's easy to get sex, it's just a matter of quality sex or not. If you are desperate enough, a mouth and a hole is all that you need and everybody has those. But love, well, it's not as easy. We need to find someone that we are comfortable with, someone that we can communicate with, someone that we like. So the question is, is sex an integral part of love?

If it is, then that means our pre-requisite for love is the sexual role one play. It would probably be easier for a versatile but what if you are not? Then should the first question that you ask your prospect candidate "Top, Bottom or Versatile?". Isn't that just the thing that most love searcher despise? But what if you were to get to  know someone and end up falling madly in love with him, just to find out that you are both sexually incompatible? Sure, when you have had enough sex, you'll know that sex is over exaggerated but still it is essential in maintaining a healthy relationship. Role conversion, well, that's just pulling the string too thin. People says that they are willing to convert for the sake of their love one but sometimes reality kicks in painfully, literally. Of course, nobody is born a bottom, it's a matter of willingness to try. But still, it remains an uncertainty. If all else fails and both of you are really unable to satisfy each other sexually, should you just break up or change it to a open relationship instead?

Some relationship starts with sex. So, sex is not a problem. Yet, people in such relationship are weary. Weary about the fact that their partners are willing to try sex without love. There is no guarantee of how faithful one is. Sure, it's all a matter of trust. But still, we wouldn't be able to shrug off that tiny voice of insecurity.

It's not easy to find a person that we are comfortable with and when one has been through the rollercoaster of love long enough, we learn to know what kind of man we want. Once we hone in, we would wish that it stay still and hope that it last. People say that gay love can't last because they have seen too many tragedies to know better. But even if for straight, their love don't last either, that is where divorce comes in. Maybe what we need is legalizing gay marriage but we all know how unlikely that is here in this part of the world.

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