25 January 2008


What drives a gay relationship? Passion. A whirlwind of love and lust mixed together. Many gays thinks that stability is what they want in a relationship. Harmonies, balance, understanding and caring for each other until the end of time. All this would be the basic building block of a happy family, a happy, normal, straight family, one that we are brought up to believe in. But, the rules of gay relationship does not work this way. Gays does not strive in harmonies, we live for the turmoil in our life. We contradict basic society norms just by being ourselves, so why are we delusional to believe that the happy family formulation works for us too?

We are a screwed lot. We live for the pain. The pain of having anal sex. The pain in knowing that we shared our bf. The pain of endlessly seeking a compatible partner. Many of us seems to fall for the wrong type of guy. The quiet type are attracted by the party animal. The philosophical type are attracted by the muscle hunk. The love seeker ending up with the fun seeker. We keep reminding ourselves that we will not fall for the type of guys we disdain, but somehow when love strikes, we lost all our common sense and principals. Only when it ends that we start questioning ourselves why were we so foolish and blinded. And we vow not to repeat the same mistake again. Then falling into it yet once again. A vicious cycle.

18 January 2008




12 January 2008

Omnia vanitas

I don't mind chatting with new people. But sometimes gay man has some very weird ideas about life, especially gay life, in general. I'm especially allergic to the so called new gays. Those that are curious about the circle, have some grand ideas about relationship and are probably very inexperience sex wise. They like to ask question about sex. How does it feel like to top someone? How does it feel like to be bottom? What is like to have threesome? I usually opt for the standard answer, "You go try and you know lo." Seriously, how am I suppose to answer these questions? Shyness aside, one could probably get better ideas through pornographic literature then asking a random stranger on a chatroom, albeit an experience stranger....

A good chat, like a good poem, is hard to come by. Not only because most chatters are only looking to hookup, but both must also be able to connect in order to carry on a chat. The standard procedure during chat are to exchange stats followed by your picture. Of course one could be eliminated if the figure does not telly in the first place, simply known as not with toned shape. Then if you are not good looking enough, people will also tend to ignore you. Many people say that outlook is not important but that's really bullshit. I don't buy that.

For the rest of the world who are just plain joe, we sometimes fantasize how good it would be if only we're good looking. All the attention, all the sex, all the other good looking people we would surround ourselves with. But I wonder, is that really how they think? Personally I think it is sad if people want to know me just to get into my pants, simply being a trophy on someone's wall. But then again, I'm not in the league, and having a good looking guy as a trophy regardless of the circumstances, is something to gloat at.