27 July 2006

Boost of Confidence

The woman-kin has a particularly nifty way to boost their confidence and self-esteem, which is through lingerie. It is said that woman who wears the correct lingerie will be able to feel and act more confident and sexy. With the correct supportive undergarment, they are able to promote their appeal to the opposite sex.

Seeing that gay man shares the similar trait with the woman-kin, which is being attacted to man, one might wonder that it would be likely that choosing the correct undergarment would provide the essential confidence boost too. Although we don't have nor need push up bra like the woman, it would be nice if one could wear something and BAM! the rib cage became a six packer square chest. Going to the disco would be half more fun when people are eyeing your body.

The only undergarment that man wears are underwear, which doesn't seem to have much improved since the  time of Adam. True, the quality of the material might have improved, but when Adam was wearing a leaf, so do we now with g-string. The evolution wasn't really that significant.

Sometimes, it is unfair that woman can use undergarment to compliment their body, but us man have to use our body to compliment the underwear. Consider a pair of CK brief. Put one on a flat ass and another or a bubble butt, I'm sure we all know where our eyes and hands would be on. It doesn't matter what kind of underwear you prefer, boxer, briefs, jockstrap, g-string, one must always have a pair of smooth, firm and bubbly butt to look nice in them. Working out the butt can be quite an embarassing gym routine. Some man are just damn lucky to be born with a nice ass. Such an ass!

Still, choosing the right underwear does add some flavor into the sex. Nothing like a man with a pair of sexy underwear lying on bed. Err, although I would prefer a sexy man instead... Anyway, it does increase the sexual energy regardless if you have a fetish for underwear. But really, try having the top wear a pair of boxer with fly while the bottom in jockstrap, you'll be surprise how different the sex could be

21 July 2006


When one is single, the world is your oyster. Any decision made are enjoyed and bared by you. When one is attached, any decision made has its implication especially decision that could change one’s life. In this case, not one but two lives. How do you make such a decision?

If a chance of a lifetime presented itself to you to achieve the dream of your life, would you jump onto it without thinking? If you were single, you would. If you were not really in love with him, you would. But if you were to really love him, would you? Bring him along, most would answered. But have you ever thought about whether he can go along with you? It’s no longer about how true the love is but how cruel the world is. When we are in love, we don’t care about the social status of our partners. But the society cares. It’s a free world but we don’t all go where we want to go. Like it or not, we are chain down by the status quo.

Even if both are successful in life, it would not be easy, as a matter of fact, especially if both are equally successful in life, it might prove all the harder. How do we persuade ourselves or the other to relinquish the fruit of their hard work? Both have their own direction in life. The things they want to achieve in their life. Even if they are in sync in the matter of love, they would still have different expectation for themselves. How much are we willing to sacrifices? How much are you willing to see him sacrifices?

20 July 2006

Gym Hangover

The good thing about going to the gym, besides the healthy lifestyle, is the drooling sight that caters for all different sorts of appetite and preferences. You have your muscle maniac, handsome stud, slim twink, cute model, muscle mary, fat uncle, old pervert, big butt lady, anorexic gal, 6 pack wannabe and the list go on.

It was all exciting and fun to join a gym for the first time as you are bombarded with visual pleasantries in a moderately confined space. You can sit on a cycling machine and look at those handsome guys walking pass you. Run on a treadmill situated behind a climbing machine to experience the butt action first hand. Rest after lifting and peep at the muscle stud flexing his muscle. Or you can always stay in the changing room and wait for the stripping show to start…

But when you really get into the whole gym cycle, you realize that it was the same bunch of people day in day out. They became strangers that you know very well. Sometimes, just by looking at their back you know who they are. Somehow, you are able to develop a sense of connection with them as if you know them very well. Yet, this strangers only cross your life in this particular location and nowhere else. And as you get to know these strangers more, some of the pleasantries started to fade. The handsome stud in the same bodypump class doesn’t seem as handsome anymore as more and more details are available to you. His face was not as smooth as you think. His hairstyle was subject to periodical disaster and possible receding hairline. It is then that you become conscious that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… standing  at a great distance away.

12 July 2006


I'm a little dubious as to why some prefer to define themselves using the female perspective. Pretty. Queen. Bitch. Lady. Girl. I know we are queer, but do we need to be as queer? When did liking a man automatically makes you a girl? Can I not retain my masculine identity and still be in love with another man? Mostly, it is effeminate peolpe that would act such way which some people don't like or appretiate having around. Personally, I don't mind but it just seems weird though. Maybe I am just not open enough.

Some friends are very conscious about this matter. They don't mind if it occurs in a gay environment, but not during non-gay environment. They feel icky or embarass, maybe because they are still in the closet and do not wish other people to find out or suspect. Some are able to control themselves and only act this way under the right stimulation, but there are times that they let their tongue slip. Some friends even argued over this matter. The arguement mostly surrounds the topic of embracing and disclosing one's sexuality to the others, which often leads to nowhere but disaster.

It's always of contradicting aspect when they voice their opinion. Is being gay normal or abnormal? If it is normal, then why act abnormal by calling yourself a girl? Why not be the man that you are? If it is abnormal, why pretend that you are normal? Everybody has their own definition of things and this is one of those things that will never get a clear definition in a dictionary.

04 July 2006

Who's Online

Being bored at work, I decided to look into details of this website. I went to the Axcesticon page and sum up the total sms votes, which is 4297 votes. Each vote cost RM0.50, which means a total of RM2148.50... which isn't all that much when you minus out all the fees paid to the sms provider. Nobody is really getting any richer.

It's 4 on a Tuesday afternoon and there is actually nearly 400 people log on to axcest. Over half of them of working age. Don't they need to work? Or have they mastered the skill of working-but-not-working as I did?

And then I saw a 14yo profile. Man, what the world is turning in to? Back then, coming out at the age of 18 is consider very extreme. Seniors back then, which is still seniors now, said that their average age of coming  out is 24yo with those who went overseas came out earlier than those who didn't. But now, I guess 18 is outdated regardless if you have ever step on a plane before. Does that mean that they are actually more people having sex with minors? Minors only doing with people their age? Nah, minors are both silly and adventurous. Plus they are bound to be people eager to try such tender meat. Somehow, I just can't bring myself to agreeing with such an act. I guess it's a matter of principal. You just have to let the kids grow out of it themselves naturally, not giving them a helping hand, or in this case mouth or penis...