27 July 2006

Boost of Confidence

The woman-kin has a particularly nifty way to boost their confidence and self-esteem, which is through lingerie. It is said that woman who wears the correct lingerie will be able to feel and act more confident and sexy. With the correct supportive undergarment, they are able to promote their appeal to the opposite sex.

Seeing that gay man shares the similar trait with the woman-kin, which is being attacted to man, one might wonder that it would be likely that choosing the correct undergarment would provide the essential confidence boost too. Although we don't have nor need push up bra like the woman, it would be nice if one could wear something and BAM! the rib cage became a six packer square chest. Going to the disco would be half more fun when people are eyeing your body.

The only undergarment that man wears are underwear, which doesn't seem to have much improved since the  time of Adam. True, the quality of the material might have improved, but when Adam was wearing a leaf, so do we now with g-string. The evolution wasn't really that significant.

Sometimes, it is unfair that woman can use undergarment to compliment their body, but us man have to use our body to compliment the underwear. Consider a pair of CK brief. Put one on a flat ass and another or a bubble butt, I'm sure we all know where our eyes and hands would be on. It doesn't matter what kind of underwear you prefer, boxer, briefs, jockstrap, g-string, one must always have a pair of smooth, firm and bubbly butt to look nice in them. Working out the butt can be quite an embarassing gym routine. Some man are just damn lucky to be born with a nice ass. Such an ass!

Still, choosing the right underwear does add some flavor into the sex. Nothing like a man with a pair of sexy underwear lying on bed. Err, although I would prefer a sexy man instead... Anyway, it does increase the sexual energy regardless if you have a fetish for underwear. But really, try having the top wear a pair of boxer with fly while the bottom in jockstrap, you'll be surprise how different the sex could be

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