25 July 2014

This love was...

“This love was a torment, and he resented bitterly the subjugation in which it held him; he was a prisoner and he longed for freedom. Sometimes he awoke in the morning and felt nothing; his soul leaped, for he thought he was free; he loved no longer; but in a little while, as he grew wide awake, the pain settled in his heart, and he knew that he was not cured yet.” ― W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage

24 July 2014




22 July 2014

What be thy name?

A friend that is still in the closet has the habit of separating his gay friends from his straight friends. He has at least two different phone numbers, one straight, one gay. This is all fine as long as he keeps track of which phone is which. He also has several names that he goes by, base on which name you know him by, you are classified either as straight, gay or fuck buddies. In addition, he also have separate Facebook accounts, one to get in touch with his straight friends, one to connect with his non-straight pals. Things seems to work well until he reaches the 6th degree of separation, where a straight friend who knows one of his gay friend came across his other fb account and asked him about it, causing him to hastily delete the account.

Personally I have never find the need for a different name. The way I see it is, if we are only meeting once for fun, my real name is as good as a fake one; but if we are meeting more than that, it would save me the trouble of a second self introduction. But hey, who am I to judge what rocks your boat? Just as I don't need others rocking mine. There is really no right or wrong in this matter.

16 July 2014

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, my dear, wherever you are. Though I think of you less now, yet you'll forever be in my thoughts. My one and only love. I miss you dearly.

06 July 2014

Words That Echos

Sometimes we can see cool profiles posted on social media. Sometimes people write the darndest thing, and you wonder what were they high on when typing it. There is always insight for us to reflect on, or ideas that echos our thoughts, but we just don't have the flair to pen it correctly. Although there are always the high probability of plagiarism, or mere piracy.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, but are we so shallow that we can be sum up in a thousand words? But of course, it is a meat market afterall on social media, dealing in satisfying the demand and supply of bodies, an articulate brain is just salad dressing. As one profile aptly says it, description is not necessary for the right one. Another profile writes, if the person is ugly, you call them a stalker BUT If the person is good looking, you call them a secret admirer.

Both rings true. I always say, the reason you don't fuck a guy, whether he is your brother, friend, colleague, relative or whatever, is because he is not good looking enough to stir your groin, there really is no moral values to support that claim.