23 November 2006

Strolling Gethesemane

“I have broken up with my girl friend.”
“Huh? I thought you guys were together since secondary school.”
“How long was it, 10 years? I was expecting you guys to get married soon.”
“Just 8 years.”
“What happened?”
“Nothing. That’s the problem. Nothing happened.”

And people say gay relationship does not last. But have they wondered that many straight relationship doesn’t last either. Some seemingly last but only because of their commitment to a piece of signed paper or children that came along the way, a mistake perhaps for not doing the proper prevention, which couldn’t be apply to us. Regardless, people separate. But no... somehow, gay relationships are not meant to be because it is the nature of gay people to not stay together. We gays just simply cannot constrain ourselves from stepping pass the threshold of commitment. It is the vicious cycle of this circle of betrayal and infidelity. What an exciting life we gays live, full of perils indeed.

What is it with gay people and commitment anyway? Why does it seem like it is something that we must hold on to? A good boyfriend, that is what most single gay man wished for their birthday, that is what they prayed for, that is what they longed for. So, you’ve finally got it. The best boyfriend you could ever ask for. What’s next? Marriage? Sure, you can get those too. What else then? What would last for the two of you for the remaining of your life? Adoption? Impregnate a lesbian couple? Or have you not think that far ahead into the future? Maybe you just want to live life a day at a time, enjoying the company of the man whom you love and loved you in return, and hope that it last and god forbids that it might expires one day. But when it does rot, you wonder why this so call gay life is so hard. Why is it so hard to find a good man? How could someone let go of a seemingly beautiful relationship? Why gay man betrays?

What the hell has it got to do with being gay? Because it happen more often in gay circle? Or maybe it is because you do not have enough straight friends? If you do not believe in love, say so in a general way. Do not discriminate gay people please. Blame you parents, blame the society, blame god but just don’t blame gay. That’s such a lousy excuse. If you really believe that gay life is such a treacherous journey, your should just turn back and go straight. Or, you could join the gang, fuck around, I mean, that’s what us unfaithful gays do best right? It’s a way of life full of gayness.