13 January 2013


宁愿永远失败,来填补对你的债,仍想起某天几段情怀,I still love you till I die。


03 January 2013

Napoleon Complex

It's difficult to communicate with people who needs to be right all the time. They simply refuse to listen to your reasoning, either because they have high opinion or they believe that they have gone through it, thus having a better say than the rest of us. Sometimes having experience might blind us from seeing possibilities of any kind. We failed to see that there are more than one way of handling matters.

It is bad enough trying to discuss life philosophy with them because they deem their own way, the only way. I guess when we grow older, we somehow entrap ourselves in our own perception of the world. Often forgetting that this strain the relationship around us. Personally I don't think I can get into relationship with someone who needs to be right, for I myself likes to be on the right side too. Two right does make a wrong.