16 October 2006

Sadism and Masochism of Love

"I can't believe that you are giving me advice in love."
"Well, I have much more experience."
"Yeah, but all the wrong kind. How could you possibly tell me to have faith in love when you yourself does not?"
"I do have faith in love."
"If you do, you wouldn't be fooling around while attached."
"That's different."
"What? Hormonal imbalance induced slutness?"

A man who smokes heavily can tell you the danger of smoking yet he himself cannot quit. Similarly, a man who might not have faith in love can still advice you to have faith in love. Being a player does not mean he does not believe in love, just that he has yet to find it. The difference is that, he enjoys the train ride until it reaches its destination. He has not lose faith in love totally, just that it is so minute that it became irrelevant.

Contradict to popular belief, sound advice on love does not necessary come from someone who believe in love. Sometimes, it is those who play the love game that give better advice. Often, they do not ask you to break up or take revenge, instead they give you an insight onto why things is happening and leads you to forgiveness. Who better to decipher the act of betrayal then those who betrays. Betray is too harsh a word, maybe more along the line of indecisive yet compulsive actions.

But then again, that is what they must do. If everybody who was ever hurt will lose faith in love, how could they continue their cruel game of love? It is challenging to play with professional players but end of the day, it is those pure of heart that they prey upon. That's why players gives sound advice, so that one could fall head over toe again in love and get hurt by it all over it.

05 October 2006


"I am not sure how I should handle bf #2."
"What's the problem?"
"Well, he is attached with this guy for years now. But I just don't like the idea of him having another bf."
"Excuse me, you have 2 bfs yourself."
"Whatever, that's not the point."
"What the fuck... that's not the point?"
"I wonder if I should ask him to breakup with his current bf. Just to see how much he loves me."
"Would you if he ask you to do the same thing?"
"I don't know."
"And you expect an answer from him..."

The problem with people playing the love game, is that sometimes they became over ego in themselves. Just because they are able to handle two guys at the same time, they thought that they are invincible. Failing to realize that two can play the game. They demand to be serve the best in the most loyal fashion but they themselves refuse to act the same. Although it is unlikely that they will ever be faithful, else they would never play the game, but still they are constantly clouded by their own judgment of their worthiness.

One would thought that a man who could juggle a few relationship simultaneously would have a sharp mentality to balance it all. Some men really does balance it well, but most are just greedy. Wanting to have it all but unwilling to pay the price. There are always a price to pay for indulgence, and if you over swap your card then you have to be prepare to face the statement at the end of the month. And if things get out of hand, no one would really sympathize him.

02 October 2006

Generation Gap

They said that age is a problem in a relationship. If there were a gap of over 3 years in age or more, it would probably not end well. It would mostly be due to mentality compatibility. The direction in life is different. The view of the world is different. The lifestyle is different. The method of spending money is different. Expectation for sex, experience in sex, the stamina to sex, the lust for sex. It's all at different level. Compare yourself to the you 5 years ago, you'll be amaze how much you have grown. If you found that you have miraculously remain the same for the pass 5 years, then it's high time you come out of denial...

When an older man decided to court a younger man, would it be fair to ask the younger male to remain loyal to him? Sure, at first glance, it sounds fair and reasonable that when you are attached, you should be loyal to your partner. But if that someone is 5 to 10 years younger, with very little experience in life, is it fair to demand such loyalty? Robbing them of their opportunity to experience this particular aspect in life. Of course, not many wanted to try rampant sex, but it is wholly on their own willingness and not something force onto them.