24 February 2012

Been There, Done That, Messed Around

I saw this profile with the tagline, "looking for group fun. where can i get it?" and I thought to myself... hmm.. how did I get my first group fun? How many is consider a group anyway? Three or more than that? I think hard and I remember my first threesome, but the first time with more than three? Hmm... that seems to be straining my grey cells too much.

When people ask me about my sexual experience, I usually reply "been there, done that, messed around", which cover most conventional sexual experience plus a few less conventional one. Although there were some milestones yet to be achieved, but those are beyond acceptable for most people anyway. I am daring but sometimes it is best to wait for things to happen than to actively seek it out.

I guess when I look back at my short life, there were things that I do not need to regret over not doing.

19 February 2012

Life Without Dreams

Life without dreams is living without hope
But when you know that the most fervent of hope can never come true
That the dream has shattered into dust that vanishes in the air
What is left of life but a lonely journey towards death

15 February 2012

Foolish Boy

Foolish boy,
Think yourself brave by staring death in the eyes?
Beware boy,
When death stares back,
You'll pee your pants.

Foolish boy,
Think you have all the time in your life?
Know this boy,
Life will denies your right to live,
Just when you found the meaning to your life.

Foolish boy,
Life is numbered,
Counting down.
Take hold boy,
There are no other time to live besides now,
When death is just hanging nearby.

Foolish boy,
Did you not hear the roaring pain?
Did you not feel the tickling cry?
Stop dreaming boy,
Wipe the tears and start walking,
It's not like you have a choice.

Foolish boy,
Do not cry,
That's how the cycle of life goes,
Round and round it spirals down,
As to where?
You are bound to find out.