25 February 2015

Ex Marks the Spot

Seems that it's common for couples that broke up to still live under the same roof. Some even sleep on the same bed. This will obviously be a problem, when one of them become attached. The new bf will undoubtedly find it difficult to accept the arrangement.

The new bf will not be able to understand why the ex still stays there even though he is being reassured that nothing is happening between them. The fact that his current bf has separated with his ex,  doesn't mean they no don't care for each other, but quite the contrary, he care for him like a family member. He is privy to his financial status, the traffic that he has to beat through daily, and how sharing the same roof still can reduce his burden while finding his own path again in singlehood. This I guess is the virtue of gay infidels.

Too much of a good thing

Men's ego, whether gay or straight, will be hugely amplified if they have a substantial amount of sexual endurance to fuck. Even with the invention of the little blue pill, one would still need to be equipped with endurance and stamina to perform, unless one don't mind to be call the human dildo, forever stiff but never moving. But then it takes two to tango, so without those who appreciate the long lasting sexual stamina, all is for naught.

For those on the path of the Great Promiscuousnous, we know what we fancy in bed, whether it be kissing, nipple play, oral, rimmed, feet worship, ear licking, s&m, we all have our own things that we enjoy. Myself, like many others, enjoyed nipple play. The ecstasy from nipple being licked and sucked and played is cock stiffening. Play with it all night long and I'm content, or so I thought.

It was a session of three where two was dead tired from over indulgence while the third was starting fresh. The problem of course is that the two can't keep up and wanted to sleep while the third was horny as hell. Being a bottom, the third was a bit frustrated with the other two not maintaining hardness, so he went for his other fancy, nipple play. Unluckily lucky, my left nipple was his target. He was on it for two full hours nonstop. It was then that I realised, a two hours nipple play wasn't as arousing as I thought it would be, especially in a drowsy mood.

Sometimes in bed, with libido running high, we brag that we can do what we enjoy all night long, but it's basically a figure of speech. Although I have heard of stories about nonstop humping from 12 to 12, I find it difficult to grasp the fine balance of sore ass and soar high. 2 hours nonstop, that's the max I would accept, or that is my endurance cap.

21 February 2015





14 February 2015

The Law of Three(some)more

I was confronted, again.

Somehow these confrontation thingy is happening once too often, as if I'm an easy pick. But I guess being older means I'm wiser and know how to deal with confrontation without getting pissed. Either that or I'm becoming senile, thus easy target. Grrr...

Again, I was confronted awhile back. Someone who invited me to join him and his buddy for threesome confronted me, demanding answers to some questions. One, am I into his friend more then I am into him? Two, am I not click with him? OK, so it's basically the same question. Regardless, these are tricky questions especially when you want to preserve a good relationship with the other person, coz you never know when the next invitation to a raunchy sexcapade might come from.

I mean, do you honestly expect a truthful answer? Instead of asking me such awkward questions, why not ask yourself, who is the better looking, the more desirable one between you and him. Wouldn't the answer be clear without me being blunt?

In my defence, I have totally forgotten how the friend looks. I would not be able to recognise him even if he is standing before me. But I do admit that the friend is definitely much more desirable then the host. But, that doesn't mean I do not know how to play the game properly. There was a second then, that I felt offended because I was accused of not knowing the proper things to do when invited to someone's home to fuck with two guys. It was a shocking revelation for I think I might have achieve the Great Promiscuousnes.

Thus the Law of Three(some) goes, if you have a good looking guy to sex with, keep him to yourself unless you are equally good looking, and the third guy you invited over has such difficulty in choosing which to please that he ends up a slave for both. 

08 February 2015

The Law of Three(some)

To achieve Great Promiscuousnes, one must master the many disciplines that governs the integrity of this state. Among which is the Law of Three(some), widely accepted as the major sign of promiscuousnes. For once you have two men at once, sex would never be the same.

Threesome, to engage in sexual activity with two individuals simultaneously. A wild fantasy for the uninitiated, but for many gay, it is likely something they have had a go at. I had mine at the age of 18, right after my first encounter with a man that was considerably disappointing. The funny thing was, I don't quite recall the threesome, instead whatever memory I have of the session was the twosome in the shower room. Well, that's another entry at a different time.

So unless one is willing to give threesome another try, one would probably keep to one man per copulation. Rightly so as even the most seasoned of players don't get enjoyable threesome that often. We can have better satisfaction with just one man. It was probably hope that with quantity, quality should increase by proportion too.

The consensus on having a good threesome is getting three guys that can click with the other two, which enjoys similar sexual activities. For some reason, it's hard to come by. Thus, the search for the elusive three ways orgasm continues. But I think we have side track on this search. Is it really that hard to get three men that is in to each other to sex together? I think not. Instead I would think that it's crucial to gather three men that can click 'at the exact same moment for the same duration' for a successful threesome. The keyword here is timing. If the three men can't be high and horny at the same time, for the same duration the threesome is likely to turn into a twosome where one wanders off to rest while the other two continues. Still, it is not all for naught, at least 5-10 minutes of threeways action was squeezed out of it. An attempt worthy of the title 'not bad'.