26 August 2012

Instant Sex

There was a word that was coined here in the country, 'Touch and Go' sex, in honor of our highway's notorious contactless toll system. It's the kind of sex that you meet, fuck, cum and go. The travel time for one person to get to the other person's place is probably longer than the coupling action itself. Eventhough I have my share of experience in this kind of speed sex, I find it unsettling as I questions myself, are both of us that horny? Or are we merely shy and at lost with words? Or is it really like, I don't fucking care, all I need is a fuck?

13 August 2012


Melody FM103 现在在试播,他们播的音乐属于我的年代的歌,很多我熟悉的旋律,勾起了我的情绪,让我想起了他。无论是开心的歌或是伤心的歌,我唯一的感觉就是亏欠的内疚。我以为说,自己已经说服自己,我是自私的,他的离开可以成就我的现在。但是那一丝的明悟却像是照明灯般,射入内心处,穿透层层的谎言,让我看清楚自己还是想念他的。到底是内疚还是爱,其实已经不重要了,因为他不可能回到我这里,这些情绪只不过是为自己制造的虚假幻想。可能你会认为这是妄想症的先兆,但是当你发现自己编织的美丽谎言,是唯一能够填补本身的空虚时,你才会知道原来能够毫无保留的活在自己的谎言中,其实不容易,至少现在的我做不来。我多希望自己能够忘掉那一段过去,能够看见他时好像看见陌生人般,但是同一时间,我却十分怀念我们在一起的时光,很希望见到他时好像大家不曾分开过。矛盾把心撕裂。

08 August 2012

Gym Sauna

Of all the steamy stories I heard about the gym locker, I for one has never encounter any for the pass few years, until recently that is. My oh my, let me add that it is not once but twice. Talk about things coming in pair.

I come to realize that the reason why I never encounter this, is all due to timing. More specifically going to the gym at non peak hours. Back to the steamy story, what happened was there there was only two person in the sauna, and the other person walk around and flip his towel before me, showing the cock. In the first encounter it was erect, in the second it was not. Regardless, it takes me to reach out to grab the tool to initiate the whole action sequence, but i suspect that if I were to flash mine, it would probably resulted the same too.

Well, was it fun? I wouldn't deny the thrill of it. But would I go to gym just for that? Probably not, but if I were to go to the gym those weird hours, I guess I wouldn't mind being a bit naughty.