26 April 2014

Spooky Stalker

The down side of putting your face on gay social network such as Grindr and Jack'd is that everybody knows that you are gay. Well, that's the whole point of course, but then there are those people you wish you could block out, so that they will remain ignorant of your sexuality, and it's very specific kind of person; those that you don't find attractive at all, or that you don't want to be talking gay stuff with. You know, that loud mouth annoying colleague or the scary gymmer that seems to hang around the shower everyday or the short and ugly neighbor that you want to avoid.

I have this new colleague who was short and slightly annoying. I don't really mind him since we are of different departments, but the other day he saw me on Jack'd and send me a message, wanting to befriend me, which I ignored. A day after, he send me another message, asking me if I was T or B. That spooks me big time! Now I try to avoid him as much as possible.

I feel that one needs to learn to restrain themselves in office environment. Just because we are both gay, it doesn't mean we should start hanging out everyday. I admit that it has a lot to do with how he looks, but still, when you are on gay social network, it is understood that we all have the choice to choose, whether we want to be friend or hookup or whatever. But now in this situation, I was cornered. I can't escape working in the same company with him, though I might ignore or avoid any contact with him, there is no telling when we might actually need to sit down face to face and talk! I have this creepy thought of bumping him in the toilet and he tries to grapple me or flashes his tiny cock before me. I never thought I would ever need to entertain the idea of office sexual harassment, but now I got the chance to ponder on it. Nightmare! Haha.Sigh, the price to pay to be open about your sexuality in the gay social network.

20 April 2014



19 April 2014

A Matter of Age

Gay men lie about their age because they want to get laid. We will surrender ourselves in all our glory before a good looking and great bodied man, and firmly believe in the cardinal rule that our random sexual encounters will slowly come to an end once we hit 35 and gradually diminishes to nonexistent pass 40; unless we manage to find the fountain of youth or injected a DNA altering concoction that instantaneously beef up our body to those of a porn star or get filthy rich or find true love, which if you haven't started on it before 35, it's likely that you have to consider sex toys and call boys. Luckily, online shopping and getting call boys are so easy nowadays, it even eliminates the embarrassment of asking the dealer what sizes are available. 

Although some men does age gracefully or manage to maintain a killing figure, most men just succumb to the power of time. It's scientifically proven that as age goes up, men's hormone level goes down, but strangely gay men seem to be able to maintain higher hormone than the straights, our sexual urges seems to last much longer and with higher intensity. 

The fact that the meat market is very sensitive to a wide range of numbers, such as weight, height, length, BMI, age etc, forces gay men raging with sexual urges to under state some of the figures to make themselves much more marketable, or at least hope that once in the room, there is no where for the other guy to go but to release the tension sexually. 

13 April 2014

Massage boys frenzy

Ever try turning on Grindr or Jack'd in Bukit Bintang area? If you did, you'll realize that your screen is swarm by pictures of massage boys from our neighboring countries. I guess market here must be quite good, seeing that we do have constant supplies of boys offering their bodies to local men and foreign visitors alike.

It doesn't take a genius to know that their pictures has gone through photoshop. Flawless skin and perfect body everyone of them? I don't think that there are that many hunky men running around in our city.

I have even come across a site that explicitly discuss the performance and services provided by massage boys in the country. The information provided allows people to peek into the world of paid sex. Honestly speaking, if I'm rich and I can afford it, I wouldn't mind giving it a try or two, or maybe three... but at a price tag of RM200, I think I rather spend it on some quality food or splurge on luxury items I don't need.

05 April 2014

A thing for underwear

A man in his underwear. We all like to see one especially if he is hunky, cute, handsome and just down right make our groin stirs. Maybe because of the influence of pop culture, we are fed with the image of what a man in underwear should be like.We all yearn to be that man, though some of us succeed, most of us just drool on. But that doesn't stop us from posing in our underwear, because it is a way to sexual escapade.

We are all drawn to the image of hard cock showing under the underwear, or seductive indication that jr is hung like a horse. But the image of a man in plain white CK underwear is over exaggerated because we need a good body to go along with that pair of underwear. If your body is build, whether it's bulky, lean or defined, you'll look great in any underwear. But if you are just a plain joe barely able to suck in the tummy for a half naked shot, different pair of underwear will do you good.

Western porn are often showing men in boxers, briefs or jocks, while Japanese porn offer men in skimpy briefs, jocks, thongs and other more interesting design. It means more to people who has a fetish towards underwear, for those who don't, it's just a piece of cloth to take off in order to access what's underneath.

Personally, I'm more interested with porn that showcase men in underwear doing their things. Wearing underwear for a long foreplay, putting it back on during intermission, jerking while wearing underwear, those things turn me on. The rubbing of semi-erect cock against a tight underwear is arousing, even wilder still when someone's face is on it, rubbing, licking, kissing and playing with the waking giant. It's standard foreplay I guess, but likely to move into the realm of kink when it's prolonged. Guilty as charge, I have a fetish for underwear.

02 April 2014


Exclusiveness, we all want that. Who wants to share or to be seen having the same thing with another person? But many a daily things cannot be exclusive, unless we pay a premium for it. But there are also things we expect to be exclusively for us, such as in a relationship, we expect our partners to be loyal to us. Yet greed runs through our vein, we demand our partner to be loyal, but see not the importance of practising the same virtue. Men are selfish. We are men. We are selfish. Being truth doesn't make it right. What's right? What's true?