19 April 2014

A Matter of Age

Gay men lie about their age because they want to get laid. We will surrender ourselves in all our glory before a good looking and great bodied man, and firmly believe in the cardinal rule that our random sexual encounters will slowly come to an end once we hit 35 and gradually diminishes to nonexistent pass 40; unless we manage to find the fountain of youth or injected a DNA altering concoction that instantaneously beef up our body to those of a porn star or get filthy rich or find true love, which if you haven't started on it before 35, it's likely that you have to consider sex toys and call boys. Luckily, online shopping and getting call boys are so easy nowadays, it even eliminates the embarrassment of asking the dealer what sizes are available. 

Although some men does age gracefully or manage to maintain a killing figure, most men just succumb to the power of time. It's scientifically proven that as age goes up, men's hormone level goes down, but strangely gay men seem to be able to maintain higher hormone than the straights, our sexual urges seems to last much longer and with higher intensity. 

The fact that the meat market is very sensitive to a wide range of numbers, such as weight, height, length, BMI, age etc, forces gay men raging with sexual urges to under state some of the figures to make themselves much more marketable, or at least hope that once in the room, there is no where for the other guy to go but to release the tension sexually. 

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