05 April 2014

A thing for underwear

A man in his underwear. We all like to see one especially if he is hunky, cute, handsome and just down right make our groin stirs. Maybe because of the influence of pop culture, we are fed with the image of what a man in underwear should be like.We all yearn to be that man, though some of us succeed, most of us just drool on. But that doesn't stop us from posing in our underwear, because it is a way to sexual escapade.

We are all drawn to the image of hard cock showing under the underwear, or seductive indication that jr is hung like a horse. But the image of a man in plain white CK underwear is over exaggerated because we need a good body to go along with that pair of underwear. If your body is build, whether it's bulky, lean or defined, you'll look great in any underwear. But if you are just a plain joe barely able to suck in the tummy for a half naked shot, different pair of underwear will do you good.

Western porn are often showing men in boxers, briefs or jocks, while Japanese porn offer men in skimpy briefs, jocks, thongs and other more interesting design. It means more to people who has a fetish towards underwear, for those who don't, it's just a piece of cloth to take off in order to access what's underneath.

Personally, I'm more interested with porn that showcase men in underwear doing their things. Wearing underwear for a long foreplay, putting it back on during intermission, jerking while wearing underwear, those things turn me on. The rubbing of semi-erect cock against a tight underwear is arousing, even wilder still when someone's face is on it, rubbing, licking, kissing and playing with the waking giant. It's standard foreplay I guess, but likely to move into the realm of kink when it's prolonged. Guilty as charge, I have a fetish for underwear.

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