10 June 2010


Outtributes : The attributes of someone that is out of the closet

I've noticed that as a gay man becomes more comfortable with his sexuality, he becomes ever more in touch with his feminine side. Not that I'm saying that they are sissy in anyway, but you can somehow feel that they are exuding feminines. They way there move their butt as they walk, the way they hold the cutlery or the way they roll their eyes all points to the flashing pink neon sign with the word GAY. This seems especially true for men that are openly gay where they are often more bitchy than the rest of the gay around them. If he have the guts to tell people around him he is gay, he is more than capable to bitch about anything he feels like. They themselves might even be against sissy people and considered them salah, which sometimes is funny. A kakak calling another kakak salah. Of course one can only laugh at it privately for one can never survive when they start pouring down on you for the fault you have done them.

People who are in their closet also demonstrate this peculiar trait when they are among peers of the same kind. They are more loosen up when they know whatever gay stuff they said will be well received and doesn't jeopardize them in any way like how it might if they let slip things concerning their sexuality among straight peers. The macho gentlemen suddenly becomes this soft spoken man that speaks two node higher.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.