02 July 2015

Of being homophobic

When USA announced the equal right of marriage, my FB was flooded by the pride rainbow. People post and repost about their opinions on gay marriage, about being gay and how it is going to change the world. A friend asked why do I not rejoice in that, to him I answered, "What the fuck does it got to do with me? Not like we are legalising gay marriage here. Beside, US is not the first country to legalise gay marriage. All the hoohaa simply because US has better media coverage."

The exchange of argument between gay marriage supporters and haters mostly revolve around the will of God, the laws of nature and the society norm. The same old pointless debate that ultimately question the existence of a Maker.

And then there were friends that posted, "I have nothing against gay, but I just don't think god/nature meant for two men to marry/i do not want it happening around me". I wanted to say to them, "It is alright to be homophobic. Just like it is alright to have malicious thoughts, suicidal intention, wet dreams, crave for cigarettes and whatever. If you stand behind it, by all means do, nobody should be blame for that. The fact is that the statement is down right homophobic and the sad thing is, people who said so are not even aware of it. Ignorance is a blister not a bliss.