14 December 2014

Fetish 101 : Underwear (I)

This is a collage of me and some of my underwear and swimwear, although some was not mine. It might seem weird, but I do enjoy putting on other people's underwear and snapping a picture, because I don't need to own it, I just want to know how I look in it. It started with brief to boxer brief, then slowly expanded into jockstrap, thong and other peculiar underwear article.

I think all gay men like to see other men in underwear, but whether it would add to the intensity of his sexual encounters is what differentiate those with underwear fetish and those not. If it's just a pleasant sight before you rip it off and remain naked till the end, you probably don't have underwear fetish. But if you get a kick out of having an underwear on most of the time during the session, then it's likely you do have underwear fetish. But then again, fetish is very personal, it doesn't matter what other people thinks, as long as you yourself like it. Just like being gay.

13 December 2014

Go Play Outside

Epigram : If mom finds out what her geeky son was playing outside, she would have probably give him an Xbox instead.

We fantasize about it, we see amateur porn with people doing it, yet most of us don't dare to try it. If you don't know what I'm writing about still, it's outdoor sex. We want it but we don't dare to do it, that's how the scene was around here, back then before the millennium, but with the Generation Z onward, I'm not so sure how true it remains.

To start off, we need to get the terminology right. Outdoor sex should refer to sex outside of the confinement of a building, so having fun on an apartment's balcony is not outdoor sex in the strictest sense, but nevertheless, it's a tiny step away from pleasure in nature. Also, having sex in a public toilet has been categorized under Toilet Sex, although Car Sex does borderline outdoor, especially if it's moving on the road.

For most people, the fear of being caught in the act is what stopping them from having outdoor sex, but at the same time, it is exactly the excitement of being caught that thrill people into having outdoor sex. It took a decade plus before I let myself out to play.

The maiden trip happened a few months back. I was invited by a buddy to join another two of his buddies on a short trip to a waterfall in Hulu Langat. He explicitly mentioned that we were all required to wear thong. So I wore the only pair of thong that I have in my drawer, which was a pair of GMW in bright neon green, a gift by a buddy who got it as a gift. It took us an hour plus to get there, and a good 15 minutes or so to travel up until we reach the deserted part of the waterfall. As we track up the waterfall, we sees tons of people picnicking by the side, what amazed us was not the crowd but the fact that families would go on a picnic during a working weekday.

Once we reached the top and made sure that nobody was around, we put down our belongings and stripped down naked, all the while looking over the horizon to make sure that the coast remains clear. We were worried of being caught, so we decided to always have someone taking guard.

One would think that the sight of three men in thong ready to have fun will surely bring on reaction, but a dip into the pool of running cold water will likely release the build up of muscle tension. At the end, some light oral sex was performed, while one was penetrated in the bushes by the waterfall. Personally, the combination of weariness, cold running water, tiny bugs flying around, sands sticking on the body, wild dogs in the woods barking, falling branches and lurking evil spirits from local folklore, all made the experience less enjoyable. Would I go for outdoor sex again? Definitely, but not at a waterfall, that's one location I'll be crossing off permanently in my book.