23 January 2015

Fetish 101 : Underwear (II)

How terrible bad (or good) shape the body remains after so many shots. Ah well, 35 years, though no 6 packs, at least the 1 pack of flab didn't grow too much... for now...

22 January 2015

of New Faces & Old Fucks

The gay scene in KL is small, smaller still for gay men with huge appetite for sex. Throw in superficial discrimination, fetishes of all sorts and some sex drugs, the circle become even smaller still. I have since established the degree of separation between one fuck to another, after meticulously comparing data with a fellow buddy... I mean fellow researcher. The findings were staggering.

If you live in KL just as I, but our path never cross, it's likely that we will remain strangers until the end, yet we will still have common friends. We may even copulated the same man, or men, but statistically, you and I will remain ignorant of each other's presence or role in the other's life, forever. So concluded the study of my sundry sex life.

After more than a decade and a half, I honestly do not remember how many men I've played with. But then again, after such long years, many details would have been forgotten unless visual cue was given, preferably the same picture that I have seen before, because wrinkles and body fat can change a person's appearance dramatically. You can't really blame me for not recognising you after seeing your latest profile picture, since our last shag was several years ago and in between this time we have not communicate nor visibly active on social media. Except for a few that I have manage to keep in contact with throughout the years, I have basically lost contact with all the men I sexed with. Surprisingly unsurprising, it's very common and most people go through the same tribulation in achieving the Great Promiscuous. Those that remembers, well, you obviously haven't had enough variants in your sex life. Good for you for being loyal, but in case your lack of variance in sex life is because of some physical attribution imposed by superficial discrimination, well, you can always pay for it. Really, why pay for gym or slimming packages that don't work, when all you need is a fuck that is just one message away. It doesn't matter whether I condoned human trafficking or not, the trade is active nonetheless.

Oh wait, I have drifted away from the initial motive of this post. Remember the Kelvin & Terry post where I was accused of fucking someone I don't even know, it turns out, I do know that person and have fucked him before years ago. All matters considered, I am still wrongly accused, but knowing that I have actually fucked the guy, makes me feel so much more at ease. Twisted. I know.

17 January 2015




11 January 2015


It often happens this way, a few hours into the session, both person started to play with their phone and it was somehow mutually agreed without discussion, that a third guy is needed to spice things up. As there will always be some horny guy still awake in the wee hour of Saturday wanting to get lucky, it would usually be quickly arranged to kick start the party again. That is where this hook up story begins.

Woken by the sound of the messages at 3am, I know that it was obviously an invite to join a session from some of my acquaintances. True enough, it was from someone familiar. Though feeling sleepy, my sexual urges overcome my common sense and I find myself driving nearly an hour to the party location. My friend told me that he will be leaving early in the morning, so I naturally tries to let him have his way with the host. But somehow, the flame of lust fails to sustain the two men in heat, and a fourth guy was invited over. Since things didn't happen between the host and the friend, naturally I was designated to the host while the friend mingle with the fourth guy.

But at the time when the friend needs to leave, I was told that nothing happens between them during that whole time. Though no reason were disclose, I suspect it has to do with compatibility issues. In the morning, I have a feeling that the friend actually wanted to stay over, but the host nonchalantly reminded the friend that he needs to leave to attend to his errands. Right that moment, I caught a glimpse of dissatisfaction in the friends face at the corner of my eyes. He quietly pack and left. The fourth guy left soon after, though we did manage to catch some action. After that, it was just me and the host until 6pm. I clocked 14 hours for this session, with some serious humping involved.

I'm not sure if the friend is angry at me or not because he didn't message me afterwards. Still, I don't think that I should be blamed, even though I probably played a huge part in the whole session falling apart, but the way to The Great Promiscuousnes are paved with uneven rocks of sharp edges and slippery surface, all who seek it must embrace bruises and cut.

05 January 2015

of Jealous & Possesive Boyfriend

At 4am, Kelvin messaged me and asked if I would like to go over to his place in the morning. When I replied his message, it was already 10am. He said that he was with his mom, so the plan was called off. Just another normal hookup gone sour, or so I thought. At around 4pm, Kelvin message me again asking me where I am. I told him I was at home. He asked me if I was alone, which I replied yes, I am home alone. Then he asked me if I am with this particular guy that was on Grindr. I told him again that I'm all by myself. But he was relentless. He asked if I'm with a guy called Terry, and send me a picture suggesting that I might know him under a different name. At that point, I was pissed. I bombarded that, if he choose not to believe what I said, he is better off not asking. Sadly, I don't think he got that message as he blocked me, but not before him calling me ruining his relationship.

I have had my share of sexing other man's boyfriend. No, there was no guilt for me. I'm certainly not going to be held responsible for anybody's relationship going south. But to be blamed for fucking with someone I didn't fuck with, that's my first time. In the beginning I was angry, but the more I think about it, the more I pity both Terry and Kelvin (err, maybe not Kelvin, gays don't forgive so easily, boohoo). To have a boyfriend that is jealous and possessive to that extent is depressing. A prayer to Terry, wherever and whoever you are, if ever you are real. Can't really rule out that it's just a wild fantasy by someone who overdose on illegal substances. Oh no, I'm not being mean here, I'm speaking a fact.