11 January 2015


It often happens this way, a few hours into the session, both person started to play with their phone and it was somehow mutually agreed without discussion, that a third guy is needed to spice things up. As there will always be some horny guy still awake in the wee hour of Saturday wanting to get lucky, it would usually be quickly arranged to kick start the party again. That is where this hook up story begins.

Woken by the sound of the messages at 3am, I know that it was obviously an invite to join a session from some of my acquaintances. True enough, it was from someone familiar. Though feeling sleepy, my sexual urges overcome my common sense and I find myself driving nearly an hour to the party location. My friend told me that he will be leaving early in the morning, so I naturally tries to let him have his way with the host. But somehow, the flame of lust fails to sustain the two men in heat, and a fourth guy was invited over. Since things didn't happen between the host and the friend, naturally I was designated to the host while the friend mingle with the fourth guy.

But at the time when the friend needs to leave, I was told that nothing happens between them during that whole time. Though no reason were disclose, I suspect it has to do with compatibility issues. In the morning, I have a feeling that the friend actually wanted to stay over, but the host nonchalantly reminded the friend that he needs to leave to attend to his errands. Right that moment, I caught a glimpse of dissatisfaction in the friends face at the corner of my eyes. He quietly pack and left. The fourth guy left soon after, though we did manage to catch some action. After that, it was just me and the host until 6pm. I clocked 14 hours for this session, with some serious humping involved.

I'm not sure if the friend is angry at me or not because he didn't message me afterwards. Still, I don't think that I should be blamed, even though I probably played a huge part in the whole session falling apart, but the way to The Great Promiscuousnes are paved with uneven rocks of sharp edges and slippery surface, all who seek it must embrace bruises and cut.

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