27 May 2010

6 Degrees of Seperation

Was chilling with a friend and were gossiping away on what not. One topic leads to another, we end up on the topic of sex, more specifically how many men one has slept with. We both have no ideas what the exact figure was, and collectively we conclude that most gay men would have lost count also. We also did a cross checking and realize that we have two seemingly isolated group of contacts but upon further investigation, we discovered that we have tried the same men before during different period in time. Not that it came as a surprise.

(Sure, it might seems that we are kissing and telling, which might not be the most gracious thing to do and probably be one of the bigger taboo too, but we have done worse things than that. Never for a moment were we pretending to be good, as a matter of fact, if the conventional wisdom on after life is true, we probably have a one way express ticket to hell already. So, that's probably the least of our worries. Plus, there is a price to pay to scientific analysis. All in the name of science.)

It seems that the social butterfly, or slut as most people would refer to them although we have coined them Samantha Jones instead, does live up to their reputation indeed. They are the missing link that connects us to each other. Think about it, at some point in the past, you and I and everyone else, regardless of our differences have bedded the same man. Now, isn't this where world peace starts? Make love, not war. And, if you have bedded enough men, you would have probably bedded the man that have bedded a man you wish but can never bed. There should be some form of comfort in knowing that, no? Count your blessings, there are worse things that one could extrapolate and postulate base on this.

21 May 2010


The fun thing about knowing things that you shouldn't know about other people is intensively exciting, especially when it's gay stuff. I was checking out other men's profile on a certain website and came across a blog url, which I would usually check out. The writings were mature and the content interesting, as it is written by a gay living in KL. He often mention his friend's name in a slightly masqueraded style. All is well until I came across a piece that mentioned a name and that whatever that he was writing about seems to be about someone I knew. Upon further reading, I was able to confirm that he was talking about exactly the same guy. At that point, laughter burst out. Somehow the sense of voyeurism makes me laugh uncontrollably. The things you find out by reading other people's blog is simply amazing. All praise the miracle of serendipity. Lesson learned, refrain yourself from indulging your secrets to people who blog. Haha.

On the same website, in a totally different situation, someone I knew professionally previously messaged me. I knew that he was gay long ago and thus try to stay clear of him. I am not sure if he knows I'm gay, or whether he knew I knew he is gay, but that is irrelevant. It wasn't exactly surprising when he ask me if I want to have fun, it was the next question he asked that surprised me. Well, maybe not surprising since its becoming a rampant activity within the circle. But the fact that he have tried them gives me mixed feeling. What if he knew I have the same habit? Awkwardness to the max indeed.

This MV was posted on the blog, it was a nice MV but the singer did a terrible cover of the original song. I guess it's asking too much nowadays to have the best of both world.