26 January 2010


Discrimination is a common vice among human. Being gay is hard enough, yet we discriminate our own kind the worst. Gays are so superficial that we give the word discrimination a whole new meaning. Some discrimination we are born into like skin color and height. Some discrimination such as weight and outlook can be managed if we have the will to change it. Sometimes we put up defenses against such discrimination towards ourselves, retorting and reassuring ourselves that we are beautiful, that we are all created equal. But discrimination persevere and we merely shuts the cruel world outside.

To discriminate is bad, but even worse is when one allows the discrimination to consume you, feeding the flame of hatred towards being discriminated. And in order to avoid being hurt again by such discrimination, one become paranoid towards everything around him. People must treat one with respect else all hell break lose. One strive to be dominant and controlling in order to keep everyone in check for one's best interest.

But the barb wire that keeps people from harming one also drives them away. In order to protect one self, one drives people away with one's paranoia, arrogance, ignorance and foul temper. In the end, one became discriminated and deserted at the same time. The loneliness then further feeds the flame that engulfs one wholly in an everlasting despair.

There is only so much one can do about discrimination from others, but one should never allows such discrimination to engulf oneself and in the end became utterly destroyed by one's inability to make peace with one self and the world. In order to change the world, one must start with changing one self. If one don't care enough to take the initiative to change, why would the world cares? If one can't see one's true self, what does it matter how the world sees? Consume by one own folly, condemned to eternal despair. Blame not the world, one has only oneself to be blamed.