26 April 2014

Spooky Stalker

The down side of putting your face on gay social network such as Grindr and Jack'd is that everybody knows that you are gay. Well, that's the whole point of course, but then there are those people you wish you could block out, so that they will remain ignorant of your sexuality, and it's very specific kind of person; those that you don't find attractive at all, or that you don't want to be talking gay stuff with. You know, that loud mouth annoying colleague or the scary gymmer that seems to hang around the shower everyday or the short and ugly neighbor that you want to avoid.

I have this new colleague who was short and slightly annoying. I don't really mind him since we are of different departments, but the other day he saw me on Jack'd and send me a message, wanting to befriend me, which I ignored. A day after, he send me another message, asking me if I was T or B. That spooks me big time! Now I try to avoid him as much as possible.

I feel that one needs to learn to restrain themselves in office environment. Just because we are both gay, it doesn't mean we should start hanging out everyday. I admit that it has a lot to do with how he looks, but still, when you are on gay social network, it is understood that we all have the choice to choose, whether we want to be friend or hookup or whatever. But now in this situation, I was cornered. I can't escape working in the same company with him, though I might ignore or avoid any contact with him, there is no telling when we might actually need to sit down face to face and talk! I have this creepy thought of bumping him in the toilet and he tries to grapple me or flashes his tiny cock before me. I never thought I would ever need to entertain the idea of office sexual harassment, but now I got the chance to ponder on it. Nightmare! Haha.Sigh, the price to pay to be open about your sexuality in the gay social network.

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