25 February 2015

Too much of a good thing

Men's ego, whether gay or straight, will be hugely amplified if they have a substantial amount of sexual endurance to fuck. Even with the invention of the little blue pill, one would still need to be equipped with endurance and stamina to perform, unless one don't mind to be call the human dildo, forever stiff but never moving. But then it takes two to tango, so without those who appreciate the long lasting sexual stamina, all is for naught.

For those on the path of the Great Promiscuousnous, we know what we fancy in bed, whether it be kissing, nipple play, oral, rimmed, feet worship, ear licking, s&m, we all have our own things that we enjoy. Myself, like many others, enjoyed nipple play. The ecstasy from nipple being licked and sucked and played is cock stiffening. Play with it all night long and I'm content, or so I thought.

It was a session of three where two was dead tired from over indulgence while the third was starting fresh. The problem of course is that the two can't keep up and wanted to sleep while the third was horny as hell. Being a bottom, the third was a bit frustrated with the other two not maintaining hardness, so he went for his other fancy, nipple play. Unluckily lucky, my left nipple was his target. He was on it for two full hours nonstop. It was then that I realised, a two hours nipple play wasn't as arousing as I thought it would be, especially in a drowsy mood.

Sometimes in bed, with libido running high, we brag that we can do what we enjoy all night long, but it's basically a figure of speech. Although I have heard of stories about nonstop humping from 12 to 12, I find it difficult to grasp the fine balance of sore ass and soar high. 2 hours nonstop, that's the max I would accept, or that is my endurance cap.

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