02 August 2006

10 things to do as a gay man before turning straight

1. Gay Porn ~ introductory to gay lifestyle that is over publisized and more then often not as interesting.

2. Oral Sex ~ Give or take, most man can do a better job than a woman. A tongue ring greatly increases the recipient's sensation.

3. Anal Sex ~ Give or take, done that and you can proudly call youself professionally gay. Always insist of safe sex although unprotected sex can heighten one's sensation to a different level.

4. Threesome ~ Sandwiched, Double Penetration and Rotisserie are the many forms to try. There are more than one pleasure spot on our body, and through simultaneous excitation, it can be a real thrill to find them working in synergy.

5. Orgy ~ If you have done threesome, there is really no reason why you shouldn't try an orgy. You can live out the Annabel Chong's Gang Bang first hand. Notable forms include Daisy Chain, Mantrain and Triple Penetration.

6. Sauna ~ It's not easy to organize or get invited to an orgy, but it sure is easy to get into a sauna for uninvited orgy. Sometimes you might even score bigger than you could ever thought possible in your whole life. Unwanted attention included.

7. Massage Center ~ Relaxation and sex at the same time. What better way to unwind after a hectic schedule. Most would feel much more comfortable than paying for a gigolo since we can always defend ourselves by saying that we merely came for a massage, not rampant sex.

8. Chem Sex ~ Sex which includes the usage of drugs such as poppers, E, K, viagra etc. Always do it on a day where you don't have to work the next day so that you don't doze off while driving. A prolong high plus bonus side effect if over indulged.

9. SM/Bondage ~ Not all are into hardcore SM but most are willing to try softcore SM which often includes roleplay. Trained professional required for hardcore SM.

10. Impregnating a woman ~ With all the above sexual adventures, why would a gay man ever turn straight unless he somehow manage to impregnate a woman? The child are innocent, we must be a resposible man

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