11 August 2006

Lust Fondue

We assume that people with great looks and nice bodies are those that doesn't lack sex. Having them anytime anywhere anyhow. It's probably true for some. Yet one find them frequent sauna establishments too.  Suana was probably created by those who failed the extremely strict physical standard that we gays impose upon ourselves, luring in those who seeks adventure while satisfying themselves. In a direct confrontation, these guys that passes the test would probably have an equally high standard while choosing their sexual or relationship partner. So, why is it that with such qualification, they would willingly go into a dark room with unknown strangers of different size and age, allowing them to release their lustful needs onto each other? Isn't it totally against their principle for physical attraction which they outwardly potrait?

I agree that there is a certain extent of thrill and satisfaction when you mingle in a dark room with numerous guys that you can't see regardless of their physical appearance. The sexual energy release are certainly to excite everyone in it. But on the contrary, if you put the lights on, you'll probably feel very disappointed as to how low you have sink below your own standard. Thus the next-to-darkness illumination to cut the guilt. I guess the proprietor understand how conscience can be bad for business.

Adding the mental block of conscience and the exceptional sexual energy, I guess it probably explains why they frequent such establishment. Once it's in your system, it can be quite hard to get it out much akin to addictions.

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