17 August 2006

Ecclesiasticus 20:20

“So he still has feeling for you?”
“I'm not sure. I think so. His friends think so too.”
“What about you? You have feeling for him?”
“No, I don't have a feel for him. Not the way he has for me anyway.”
“What about his friend? You like him?”
“Well, he is cute, but no, I don't think I have feelings for him either.”
“Don't tell me you are still lingering on that straight colleague of yours.”
“Hehe, yeah, I still like him best.”
“Oh bugger. Move on dude. Grab the cute one before he is gone.”
“I told you, I don't have a feeling for the cute one.”
“At least come clean with the guy.”
“I'll see how things go.”

Some people are just lousy in saying no. Maybe it is in their nature to be kind and gentle to other people's feeling. Maybe their indecisiveness is a weakness of them towards the people around them. Regardless, at the end of the day, they have to come clean. It's all a matter of time. Often, the longer the wait, the deeper the cut. Is it their fault if they don't voice their discomfort at the first sign of danger? That's subjective. If you are an indecisive person, you'll probably understand very well what it meant to procrastinate. Head strong people wouldn't understand it, just like you wouldn't understand what it meant to be drunk until you intoxicated yourself with a few shot. Quality drunk, ah, heavenly bliss indeed. Anyway, of course it's never fair for the person who are doing the waiting. Queuing in line for two hours just to be informed that the movie tickets are all sold out, that's frustrating. Still, we have to move on.

There are also another kind of person who is lousy in saying no. The kind that is slow in breaking up. They have long since ejected themselves out of the relationship, searching their adventure outside, yet they are still  maintaining the relationship nevertheless. They are just sitting there and waiting for the other person to come to their senses and leave voluntarily. They feel that it is hurtful to dump you but they don't feel that it hurt even more for you to find out that they are playing around outside and all the sweet words are just lies to react to your constant bickering for attention. Eventually, the truth will come out and the inevitable unfolds its hideous wings to take off. In their defense, they will say that they have given enough hints for you to leave, just that you can't or are unwilling to take the hint, then it becomes your own burden that they wish no part of. Hardly justifiable but as if they would care about the aftermath of their action. It probably takes time to heal from such rejections, but it is often wise to get into rehabilitation and move on with life as soon as possible. He is having the fun of his life while you are sunk in despair wondering what you have done wrong or cursing him with voodoo or whatnot. What's the point? Move on. The world is full of wonders. Anyway, life is too short for us to constantly linger in the past or chasing after the impossible. Savor the reminiscence like an expensive fine wine, don't abuse it like a pack of cheap beers.

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