21 July 2006


When one is single, the world is your oyster. Any decision made are enjoyed and bared by you. When one is attached, any decision made has its implication especially decision that could change one’s life. In this case, not one but two lives. How do you make such a decision?

If a chance of a lifetime presented itself to you to achieve the dream of your life, would you jump onto it without thinking? If you were single, you would. If you were not really in love with him, you would. But if you were to really love him, would you? Bring him along, most would answered. But have you ever thought about whether he can go along with you? It’s no longer about how true the love is but how cruel the world is. When we are in love, we don’t care about the social status of our partners. But the society cares. It’s a free world but we don’t all go where we want to go. Like it or not, we are chain down by the status quo.

Even if both are successful in life, it would not be easy, as a matter of fact, especially if both are equally successful in life, it might prove all the harder. How do we persuade ourselves or the other to relinquish the fruit of their hard work? Both have their own direction in life. The things they want to achieve in their life. Even if they are in sync in the matter of love, they would still have different expectation for themselves. How much are we willing to sacrifices? How much are you willing to see him sacrifices?

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