04 July 2006

Who's Online

Being bored at work, I decided to look into details of this website. I went to the Axcesticon page and sum up the total sms votes, which is 4297 votes. Each vote cost RM0.50, which means a total of RM2148.50... which isn't all that much when you minus out all the fees paid to the sms provider. Nobody is really getting any richer.

It's 4 on a Tuesday afternoon and there is actually nearly 400 people log on to axcest. Over half of them of working age. Don't they need to work? Or have they mastered the skill of working-but-not-working as I did?

And then I saw a 14yo profile. Man, what the world is turning in to? Back then, coming out at the age of 18 is consider very extreme. Seniors back then, which is still seniors now, said that their average age of coming  out is 24yo with those who went overseas came out earlier than those who didn't. But now, I guess 18 is outdated regardless if you have ever step on a plane before. Does that mean that they are actually more people having sex with minors? Minors only doing with people their age? Nah, minors are both silly and adventurous. Plus they are bound to be people eager to try such tender meat. Somehow, I just can't bring myself to agreeing with such an act. I guess it's a matter of principal. You just have to let the kids grow out of it themselves naturally, not giving them a helping hand, or in this case mouth or penis...

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