20 July 2006

Gym Hangover

The good thing about going to the gym, besides the healthy lifestyle, is the drooling sight that caters for all different sorts of appetite and preferences. You have your muscle maniac, handsome stud, slim twink, cute model, muscle mary, fat uncle, old pervert, big butt lady, anorexic gal, 6 pack wannabe and the list go on.

It was all exciting and fun to join a gym for the first time as you are bombarded with visual pleasantries in a moderately confined space. You can sit on a cycling machine and look at those handsome guys walking pass you. Run on a treadmill situated behind a climbing machine to experience the butt action first hand. Rest after lifting and peep at the muscle stud flexing his muscle. Or you can always stay in the changing room and wait for the stripping show to start…

But when you really get into the whole gym cycle, you realize that it was the same bunch of people day in day out. They became strangers that you know very well. Sometimes, just by looking at their back you know who they are. Somehow, you are able to develop a sense of connection with them as if you know them very well. Yet, this strangers only cross your life in this particular location and nowhere else. And as you get to know these strangers more, some of the pleasantries started to fade. The handsome stud in the same bodypump class doesn’t seem as handsome anymore as more and more details are available to you. His face was not as smooth as you think. His hairstyle was subject to periodical disaster and possible receding hairline. It is then that you become conscious that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… standing  at a great distance away.

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