12 July 2006


I'm a little dubious as to why some prefer to define themselves using the female perspective. Pretty. Queen. Bitch. Lady. Girl. I know we are queer, but do we need to be as queer? When did liking a man automatically makes you a girl? Can I not retain my masculine identity and still be in love with another man? Mostly, it is effeminate peolpe that would act such way which some people don't like or appretiate having around. Personally, I don't mind but it just seems weird though. Maybe I am just not open enough.

Some friends are very conscious about this matter. They don't mind if it occurs in a gay environment, but not during non-gay environment. They feel icky or embarass, maybe because they are still in the closet and do not wish other people to find out or suspect. Some are able to control themselves and only act this way under the right stimulation, but there are times that they let their tongue slip. Some friends even argued over this matter. The arguement mostly surrounds the topic of embracing and disclosing one's sexuality to the others, which often leads to nowhere but disaster.

It's always of contradicting aspect when they voice their opinion. Is being gay normal or abnormal? If it is normal, then why act abnormal by calling yourself a girl? Why not be the man that you are? If it is abnormal, why pretend that you are normal? Everybody has their own definition of things and this is one of those things that will never get a clear definition in a dictionary.

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