25 January 2008


What drives a gay relationship? Passion. A whirlwind of love and lust mixed together. Many gays thinks that stability is what they want in a relationship. Harmonies, balance, understanding and caring for each other until the end of time. All this would be the basic building block of a happy family, a happy, normal, straight family, one that we are brought up to believe in. But, the rules of gay relationship does not work this way. Gays does not strive in harmonies, we live for the turmoil in our life. We contradict basic society norms just by being ourselves, so why are we delusional to believe that the happy family formulation works for us too?

We are a screwed lot. We live for the pain. The pain of having anal sex. The pain in knowing that we shared our bf. The pain of endlessly seeking a compatible partner. Many of us seems to fall for the wrong type of guy. The quiet type are attracted by the party animal. The philosophical type are attracted by the muscle hunk. The love seeker ending up with the fun seeker. We keep reminding ourselves that we will not fall for the type of guys we disdain, but somehow when love strikes, we lost all our common sense and principals. Only when it ends that we start questioning ourselves why were we so foolish and blinded. And we vow not to repeat the same mistake again. Then falling into it yet once again. A vicious cycle.

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