29 May 2006

The Best ~ Tine Turner

ONS, it is the third thing that a gay man learns when he starts his journey out of the closet into the world. The first thing he learns is his interest in men. The second thing should be the pleasure of masturbation. The third is ONS which is accompanied by kissing, oral sex and, but not necessary inclusive, anal sex. That is the more common flow. There might be jumbling of sequence for some, but those are probably the three primary aspects for a newly emerging gay.

During the younger age filled with raging hormones, most gays are able to take sex lightly. It was to many of them and outlet of their sexual energy, although it still remains true for some older gays. One of the best attributes of being gay is the amount of random sex that we can have without worrying that we might mistakenly impregnate our partner. The exposure of STDs is equal if you are not practicing safe sex for both  straight and gays. Mind you, globally AIDS are more commonly transferred through heterosexual intercourse than homosexual intercourse. As long as you are willing and capable, there is no lack of sexual adventures and you don’t even need to pay. For most gay, our sexual experience would probably be three if not four fold richer than our straight peers.

But as we age, our urge for sex slowly decrease regardless of our sexual orientation. Gays get tired of having sex with different people and long for a stable relationship. But to some, it is just a passing feeling. Really, having sex with different people can be enticing. It is like eating rice day in day out, one would hope to try bread, noodle or steak once in awhile. Just that for some, their choice of dining are varied more frequent than the rest of us. Of course, some prefer a normal healthy relationship instead of rampant sex. A matter of choice.

What are the benefits of ONS? For one, it exposes us to the different types of people and make us realize that we are very common, we are everywhere. In every economy sector, in every profession and in every housing area too. If you think about it, if one house can have 4 person, one level 6 units, one block 20 levels, one condo 2 blocks, you end up with 960 people in one condo area. The chances of having 1 gay in 960 is not that slim at all.

Sex is a performance mastered through exposure and experience. How else could one become better in it? Certainly no self-help book would help unless you practice it. That is where ONS comes in. You’ll be amazed as to what people are capable of in bed. The transformation from a shy boy to bitchy man can pop your eyes off.

Most of the time, you get a glimpse into the real person when you are in bed. He is naked and he shed some of his pretence. Also, pleasure spots varied, some man just are covered with those while some requires tender maneuver.

~I call you when I need you, my heart's on fire
You come to me, come to me wild and wild
When you come to me
Give me everything I need~

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