07 May 2006

Chat Fun V2.0

Nowadays, you need to have handle(s) to survive in the world wide web. Be it a username that is easy to remember, words with special meanings, phrase that sums you up in the best of manner or simply random words that gives you a touch of mystery. You can't go anywhere without them especially in chatrooms. It is the vital first impression that people make on you so it is often good to choose nicely.

In the case of irc, you can easily change your handle according to your needs. You can opt for the direct approach of calling yourself HornyNow or WantSexNow or any other relevant handle that shows how horny you are. You can also tell the world of your preferences or physic by naming yourself ChubChaser, WantSlimNow, GymFitGuy, CuteYoungBoy or whatsoever strikes your fancy. Some simply give you all their stats in one shot like 28-178-65-b, which seems like a group of code use in the post-apocalyptic human world.

On some chatrooms where you have to register, it is often wise to bear in mind that you are stuck with the handle for a very long time unless you don't mind the whole registering process. It is always a mistake to put your age at the end of your handle coz by the time you've been through the whole thing, you are no longer of that age. It's either misleading or hilarious or both when a guy who is in his late 30s are still using the handle Young18.

Handles aside, I find many gay man are quite rude, bitchy or down right offensive when it comes to chatroom ethic. It is not really seeking attention, it is worse then that. They are just blurting out words that makes people wanna go over and punch them in the face. Down right degrading. I wonder if they act such an ass in real life or not, probably not... cause they should be dead by now if they are indeed such an ass hole.

So, you are in a chatroom and people prompt you for chat, maybe they have sex in mind, maybe not. But I guess it is expected that you'll have both type, mostly those with sex in mind, prompting you if you are in a chatroom. You don't really need to get offensive and all bout those interested in sex. Just simply decline, that's not hard to do. You don't want it doesn't mean other people are not looking for it. No need to get upset and cursing all over.

Then there are those who wanted to swap pic but right after seeing your pic, they go quiet or give you other people's pic. I was quite mad before this about people not giving you their pic after you have given them, but I have learned that it is actually pointless to get upset over such trivial matters. He might think that he looks cute, handsome or whatever in comparison to me, so what, to hell with your look. Funnier still when they gave you a pic that actually belongs to a friend that you might know. Obviously the dude is impersonating a friend to get you off their back, but have they ever wonder that the other party might not really wanna have sex with them. Sigh. Anyway, I sincerely believe that being better looking doesn't mean they score better in sex, although I have to admit that there are a lot of sucker for good look which tip the balance in their favor for being snobby.

Another fun thing to do in chatroom are reading someone's profile on a chatroom, which can immensely increase one's vocabulary database... I learned what's avuncular... something related to uncle, which I don't think I would ever use the word in anywhere. I have no idea such word would exist as a matter of fact... And then vitriolic,something which felt vitriol, another handy word that I might be able to throw in next time... provided it is still in my brain when I switch it off tonight. And also coitusphile, which comes from the word coitus. According to the webster dictionary, it means physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements usually leading to the ejaculation of semen from the penis into the female reproductive tract in order word, intercourse. Which can be pronounced as koi-tus or ko-e-tus. Time to go coitus someone.

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