01 May 2006

Chat Fun

What is the most common occurance in a chatroom? Rejection. Either rejecting sexual offer or offer rejected. Some people claim that they reject sexual offer because they are not interested in having ons, but I think it is more likely that they guy offering is not handsome or cute enough. I was told that the goodlooking one often pick, not offer. That is why I wait to be picked up on instead...

Rejection usually starts after the picture trading. Although some start rejecting at a earlier stage of asl and tvb, but it still depends on the picture afterward. Most people would likely pass on a ugly head attached to a  muscled body. To date, the worst rejection thrown at me was... "sorry,you type too slow" Ouch!

So I was bored with nothing much to do on a sunday night and logged on to chatrooms. Not many interesting people online nor did any people prompt me for chat or sex. Instead I spend my time reading some of the stuff people posted on the public room. Many seems desperate for a relationship. But do they really think that they could hit the jackpot there? I wonder... But seeing the increase numbers of people desperate for love, searching on the world wide web, I guess the chance of bumping into one ain't so slim although they might have to scuffle through a horde of horny people before reaching a possible ideal people to chat with...Or, they could always have sex first then hope that one of them turns into Mr Right instead... Somehow it all seems a little too far fetch.

One of the more interesting / desperate / depress lines I have ever read from the irc public room goes something like this...

Dude : do u want play any kinky action?? SM ?? i'm pure slave...msg me pls if u r serious player.... i'm fat but i willing to do anything that u force me..

Yes, I know being fat and gay at the same time can be a little harsh in a gay world that is superficial. But where is the self-respect? Can someone be so overweight that their self-esteem was buried under those thick layer of fat? If it is, shouldn't they wake up and start dieting. The obesity probably kill first before anything could go wrong with the SM. I have seen some jovial fat gay man before, so I'm sure it's just a matter of adjusting one's perspective.

The most riduculous ons line would probably be this:

Dude: any 1 here looking 4 some adventure now reply me i am in kl area free 2 see u all nw.. adventure i guess u know wat it means

Oohh... adventure... I wonder does it include candles for lighting in the dark, Indiana Jones's whip for chasing off the wild animals...

This was an excerpt from one guy who prompt me for chat...

The Guy: Nothing special just a safe fun buddy
Me: ic....
Me: fun buddy meaning sex wise rite?
The Guy: he he no huge expectation with o experience also okay s long s meet my regulations
Me: haha... regulations? and wut might those regulations be?
The Guy: term and condition ha ha
Me: i'm very interested to hear those terms and conditions
The Guy: just a basic first must starct - discreet- decent- clean and average acceptable
Me: ok....

I'm now venturing into newer pasture here. I always knew that ons is about looks, body and role but never in my mind could it be more subtle then this... Of cause the end result is still about sex but isn't it nice that sex was presented in a less cliche manner. Hmm... nah... who am I kidding... that's a whole crap of rubbish.

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