30 April 2006

Villains by Necessity

Axcest member card... hmm... a prove of our gayness. Somehow it all seems so disquieting.

They say that we should embrace our own identity, but to how far should we embrace it? Wouldn't it be consider as inappropriate flaunting instead? Some might look down upon me because they deem that I don't accept my sexuality, that I don't admit that I am gay. But how many of us can really comfortably admit that we are gay before our family and friends? Not all are lucky enough to have accepting family and friends. Even for them, it is not thorough acceptance but only those they deem dear. If we are to be discriminated because we are gay, we have no where to turn to. Then, shouldn't the wise course would be not admitting it, in pretense of a straight life instead. It just makes life less complicated. Life is a hurdle enough without us adding obstruction for ourselves. Although we are only prolonging the inevitable, it is still something I would chance on.

Does that mean our life are build upon lies and masqueration? But that's whats life are build upon. Whose life are without lies and masqueration? If yours trully are, then I congratulate you but deep inside I hold that the biggest lie ever.

Some say that they are born to be gay. They can do nothing about it. But certainly they could deny it and live a straight life however torturing it might be. Many have done it and are learning to live through it. Saying that we are born to be gay are just an excuse to drool over the rejections by society. I don't deny that we might be born to be gay, but I still believe that we need to accept it in order to live with it. By such acceptance, am I not embracing my own identity? Eventhough I am not admitting that I am gay before my family and friends? Is verbal acknowledgement that important?

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