06 April 2006

To top or not to top, that is the question...

Why does a top like to fuck a guy but not a woman? Hmm... never fuck a woman before, so I wouldn't know for sure. But from what I heard, it is something similar yet different. Similar as in the thrusting movements, different as in the things that your hands can place on and the feel of your tool can also be quite distinct when different positions are involved.

But straightly from a hypothethical point of view, a man probably knows how to please another man then most woman does. Hmm... that doesn't sound quite right. Every man has their own jacking style and speed, usually a mixture of different tempo and beats. With so many years of practice, we learn to hone our skill to satisfy our own needs, but when other people apply their technique onto us, we often find that they are lousy  jacker. Maybe a mere matter of being bias, yet our cock don't lie. If it gets soft during the whole action sequence, it's probably not well aroused or you have an erectile dysfunction problem, in which case one should consult a doctor for early diagnostic. Remember people, erectile dysfunction can be treated if discovered early. A dysfunctioned gay is like a blowup doll, he can only blow and open his hole.

Wait, that's not the question. The question was why does a top like to fuck a guy but not a woman. Begging the question. It assumes that a top is a top because he can fucks. But it disregards the fact that the top is gay  in the first place. Top are attracted to male anatomy at first and prefer fucking later. Not the other way round. Offer your hole to another straight man who never thought of homosexual intercourse, and you'll probably be turn down with a few punch prints on your face. A gay becomes a top for a few reasons, namely the pain, the emotional thresold and the sheer misfortune of not meeting a skill top. Regardless of the reasons, a top will in due course of their life tried being bottom. Whether they can be converted is a totally different matter.

If you assume that a gay top is only someone who likes to shag, then you are wrong, it encompass more then that. Fucking is a natural male behavior, fucking a man on the other hand is merely a choice. We are still gay first, top later. The sight of a naked man aroused us. A prerequisite of being a good top involve good oral skill, great kisser and splendid foreplay. Oh, and of course able to fuck long and hard. Not! The fact is, not many bottom can stand overly long anal intrusion. It might be fun to flirt on long hard anal sex but getting down and dirty to do it can be real daunting for both the top and the bottom. Don't mix-up love making and sex. Love making can be over a long period of time. Sex is usually wrap up in an hour or two, which includes showering before after and maybe even a shot of cigarrate. If the man you are having sex with only want you to suck him and let him fuck you, it is most likely that he consider you as his blow-up doll only, don't think too much of having a relationship with him. If you really enjoy the sex, think of it as a living warm dildo instead.

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