25 December 2006

Points of Interest

Search and search I did, but find I did not the reason for getting into the Top 5 of the Point Charts in Axcest. Is there a hidden small print somewhere that states that by getting into the chart, we earn points that would allow us to redeem prizes or better yet a free date with the axcesticon?

Why do people get so obsess with this point thing? Does getting the first place guarantee prestige and well being? Or was it merely to fulfill our own vanity? The way I see it, it's more like a joke instead, that the same bunch of people are there all year long. It seems like we have nothing better to do but sit around clicking people for points.

Points are good. It can be use as an ice breaker to test people's willingness to communicate. A simple gesture, a simple click. But obviously some people are addicted to it and are turning it into a whole new ugly scenario instead.

I appreciate points, it makes logging in something to anticipate for. But when the same stranger pops up over and over again, it becomes annoying instead. So, please, refrain yourself o chart topper, I would much appreciate it.

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