06 December 2006

Say's Law

“The longer I’m in the circle, the harder for me to get a bf.”
“Because I know what I want and what I don’t want.”
“Shouldn’t that make getting a bf easier?”
“But I also know more about how this circle works and I am near to give up on this circle already.”

Sounds familiar? Or maybe it is déjà vu. But I seem to hear a lot of people expressing the same feeling about love in this circle. After all the rejection and betrayal that they have gone through, they realized that there are simply too many liars around, yet they still maintain the small perseverance that love will find them one day. True love that last forever.

I have quite a few friends that share this similar feeling but introducing them to each other will not spark any fire instead it seems to feed the flame of despair instead. They don’t seem to get off the right way. Why is it that when so many people are looking for true love yet not many of those people gets it? There are so many demand, yet there is no supply? Those who demand does not put themselves into the market yet expect to get something out of the near nonexistence market. They justified their action by saying that they know what they want, and they rather not have anything then to simply get something for the sake of getting something. End up nobody get anybody. Some say their time has not come yet, that fate has yet to lead them to the love of their life. I say go out and get what you want, waiting there for love is like waiting there to die. Pointless.

Why not take a leap of faith in love? Sure, there is the possibility of smashing onto the ground, but there is also the possibility of finding what you want. A fist cannot catch anything. Nobody can teach you how to learn from your experience and how to choose wisely. When you live long enough you know that people change when they want to change, no amount of coaxing can budge, maybe not in the hand of master handler but still how many can really claim to be a master handler. Open yourself to possibilities, the next man that come along might break or make your life, at least you get some drama out of it instead of boring yourself and the people around you to death by complaining endlessly about the lack of love.

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