26 June 2006


First there was membership card then come Axcesticon, I wonder when the Axcest T-Shirt, Axcest Skincare Range and Axcest Reality Show is coming up? Nothing against the organizer, as a matter of fact, I applause the ingenious method used to cash in on this niche market. SMS contest/voting are so common nowadays that it is becoming a very lucrative business indeed. If the money is flowing, so why not flow this way, at least it would keep the site partially free. After all the hustle, it's just another form of entertainment anyway. And if someone is getting rich from this, so be it. People get rich everyday, it's all a matter determination, hardwork, creativity and a pinch of good luck.

Some friends commented that gay don't know how to plan for their future. They earn and they spend all on themselves because they have no worries of raising a family in the future. Thus they live a lavish lifestyle, travelling around the globe, dining in exquisite restaurants and showering themselves with designer labels. This is true, but not wholly true. They are alot of gay people who knows how to earn and plan their future. It is actually not a sex-oriented problem but more of a character problem although gay tend to have a higher percentage in part due to their no-family policy, more acute fashion sense and exposure.

For most working gay between the age of 18-35, such is the lifestyle that they would want. A steady job, a good bf and spending great time together with friends. It seems like a simple equation to paradise for them. But then, sooner or later, reality will sink in and we realized that we haven't been really planning for our future. Is this one house, one car and one job enough to support me for the rest of my life? After retirement, how am I going to survive with those little EPF that I have? There ain't gonna be any daughter or son to take care of me. How would life be by then? And god know what kind of problems might arise then. Are most of us prepared for the future? Are most of us even aware of the problem?

Revelation usually comes around 35-40, some even later, but by then we have only so little time left to prepare ourselves for the coming winter. Prime age has slipped by so silently. Some may argue that even if they start saving now, what they save is not enough to get them through when they are older as the value of money depreciate. So it is no more a matter of arsenal but a matter of conquering lands using existing arsenal, expanding ones territory and colonizing profitable resources.

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