18 June 2006


I can't quite understand what is it with alias. Why do people like to use alias so much? Well, actually I could  partially understand it, for the case of ONS anyhow, that we want to classified ourselves to sex and none sex names are justifiable. We do not want the person that we are only going to meet once to know our real name. But then again, if we are only going to meet once, what's the big deal of knowing your real name? Although the chance of bumping into him is not as remote as we think, still it all seem so pointless. What if you bump into the guy after years and he calls you by your fake name which you have forgotten, wouldn't that be awkward? Or do we just pretends that we don't know them.

But what about in the case of friends? Do we really need a gay name and a straight name to differentiate our life? How would you react to a friend that you knew for a month or two, who out of the blue during dinner said, "by the way, my name's not Alex but Zachary." What would be the first thing that crosses your mind? For me, it would be ~ change the display name in my phone. Personally, I don't give a damn but not all are as forgiving as me.  Many would feel cheated, because name in itself is both a minute and enormous factor in a relationship. We know the person by his name first, his character later. By faking your name, it distrupt the whole relationship process, making it hard to adjust accordingly.

A friend's ex has two names. Until now, he is not sure which is his real name if either one is really his name. Although they did broke up just in a couple of months and are not seeing each other, but what if they were able to continue on, how should the ice be broke? Wouldn't it be weird that the name that you have been moaning of every time he makes you high is not his name? Wouldn't it be weirder still if the man that you are making love with are calling you by a different name and you can't correct him because he didn't know the better?

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