25 March 2006

Cycling Pants & Fetishes in general

What is it with cycling pants? I have actually came across a few guys who has cycling pants fetish. Or have I been talking to the same person all the while?  Yes, I have to agree that there is a certain extent of kinkiness to cycling pants, but wouldn't swimming trunks or underwear be much more attainable or kinkier? Maybe it's my personal preferences, but if I am to be interested in the bulge of a guy in cycling pants, might as well look at bulge of swim wear or undie... hmm... Or was there some particular niftiness that I am not catching here... hmm... Latex... covering torso... tight... buldgy... hmm... no, I can't quite catch the bug.

I have also seen foot fetisher. It's kinda ticklish to be "adored" by a foot fetisher. And I can't quite imagine someone who lick my toes and kiss me later.  My feet are dirty? Well, let me enquire then how many out there who wash their feet prior to having sex.

I've also heard of someone who were into fisting. Totally cannot accept it. I mean, that would make anal sex totally redundant. Who else can satisfied him after a fist has gone in. I don't think even a sperm whale could do the job.

But then again, fetish is very personal, everybody has their own cup of tea. Come to think of it, if everyone has the same fetish, it wouldn't be call a fetish, but a recreational hobby or sports instead.

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Anonymous said...

some said after taken a fist, the inside will become more "fuller" and "juicier", therefore will be more enjoyable... this is what i heard them say...

g. chian