18 March 2006

Unreplied Mail

Yeah, I do receive mails sometimes too... but I don't reply all of them. Only selectively. The reason can be categorized into a few...
(1) I'm not looking for sex. Correction, I am looking for sex with good-looking, toned-body guys that would like to suck me off and let me fuck.
(2) I'm not looking for long-term relationship. Correction, I'm looking for a rich, good-looking, toned-body, around my age bf that would adore me whole-heartly.
(3) I have talked to you through other channels and decided that I don't like you OR have probably ons-ed with you before and it's awkward for us to exchange mail seeing that I might have to think up reason as to why I don't want to repeat the fun that we have, which is tiring for both of us.

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