14 September 2006


When walked into a cubicle of a toilet, why do people not close the door? Sometimes it can be awkward when you push open a cubicle door just to find someone in there pissing. There will be a moment of pause where you ponder whether you should close the door or leave it ajar. Whether you should pretend nothing happen or whisper a quick apology instead. Is it because we are just going for a quicky and closing the door seems too much a hassle? Is the 1 second of close-lock that troublesome? The door are meant to be closed,  close it.

When you are on second floor and wanted to go to the third floor, should you take the stair, the escalator or the lift? It's amazing that sometimes people are willing to wait for the lift just to move up one floor when the stair and escalator are within reachable distance in a relatively safe condition. Are we getting lazier as technology pamper us more and more?

When you initiate chat with someone or added them to your msn, and realized that their look are not to your liking, do you quickly ignores them and block them? Feint interest? Or inform them that they are not to your liking and will ignore them henceforth? The first is definately rude but when you're used to it you learn to live with it. I would much prefer to have the third option but rarely get those, I guess we were never that straight  forward, maybe because we were not straight in the first place. Feinting interest, well quite a few people practice so, they usually tone it down level by level until both forgotten each other... But the problem with this option is that people might genuienly thinks that you are interested which then one would have to delicately manuever out of the mess that we get ourselves into, without grudges. But sometimes, poeple can be likened once you get to know them beyond the superficial outlook and that goes for sex too I should add. Some people do well in bed eventhough they don't look beyond par while some really just has a look without essence or skill. Although there are also those people that you get to despise the longer you know them...

Everything is just a matter of initiative. If you chat up with the guy you meet in gym or pub or chatroom, you might find that he is a nice guy, or not. If you go out to buy 1+3D, you might be a hell lot richer tomorrow or RM10 poorer.

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