26 November 2007

Perversion of the Gay Men

In the world of straightness, we are call gay, homo, queer, plu and all sorts of names that is pain to the ear. Yet we embrace such discrimination because we accept who we are, some of us anyway... one way or another...

But sometimes I wonder if we did not bring such discrimination upon ourselves. The other day when I finished shower after gym, I walk out of the cubicle and I caught a glimpse of this guy peeping behind the curtain. I have always heard of wild tales regarding the gym, and have witness several times similar activities. But on that particular moment, I felt disgusted of gay men. Imagine if some straight men witness this, it would be such horror to them. They would simply brand all gay men as pervert. It’s an ultimatum. It’s so unfair that we were branded simply because someone else indulge themselves in voyeurism. Plus, it’s not like straight men don’t indulge in voyeurism. I do not deny them their indulgence in their fetishes but often it leaves a bad impression on other people, spoiling the good name of the rest of the bunch.

Malaysian gays like to call ourselves PLU. People like us. I hate this particular phrase. When this three words are uttered, the only emotion that I would associate with is a sense of defeat. What do we mean by people like us? It is people like us that brought forth the art revolution of the century? It is people like us that bring upon shame to our family? It is so extreme yet I fail to associate positive energy with this acronym. Some friends use it simply as a code, they don’t want to use the word gay, so they opt for plu or p. I can understand the need of not disclosing our sexuality in the public while discussing a certain cute guy that walk pass. Along my train of thoughts, whoever that came up with this phrase must be seriously depressed. It does not sound as gay as I wish it would be.

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