24 December 2008

Gluttony for Pain

I chanced upon a particular website that caters to a very specific group of sexual interest, that which was bondage/discipline. It was an eye opener. I have of course seen porns involving similar subjects but to see amateur pictures of people bounded, gagged and caged, it sends a different kind of testosterone rush into the body. Try as I to immerse myself into this subculture, I found myself unable to adjust to it after reading on what members wrote on their profile. From what I have gathered, sex is not the main object of their endeavor, contrary to the common believe that gays are sex maniac. It can be part of the whole bondage ritual, yet it is the bondage that matters to them. As one guy aptly put it, you can find sex everywhere else but this is not what he signed up for.

What amazed me was the amount of trust one puts in his partner, a trust even beyond those of lovers, called Master & Slave. A name that sounds so barbaric, yet widely accepted. Imagined yourself being bounded and gagged, being helpless and defenseless. It totally goes against a human's natural instinct to protect themselves. I do admit that there was a primordial satisfaction to see someone submit themselves in such manner, but what of those who were lying there bounded? Do there feel calm as those who submit themselves to God? Or does it fire up their libido? I was left puzzled. I guess one needs to go through the whole ritual in order to appreciate it. To feel the euphoria of constrained and control.

But as I venture deeper into the realm of bondage, I was introduced to the reality of fisting, which send shiver up and down my spine every time a profile showed an image of someone being fisted. An asshole, literally, I have experience with, but to have a frontal view of a human rectum through his fully opened anus, that image haunts me still. Anal sex is shining in a different light right now.

Oh, and there are actually quite a following in Malaysia for this when Asia is compared as a whole. A few are all geared up to send those willing on a trip of gluttony for pain and constrain.

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