31 July 2013

Japanese, for real?

Had a very interesting conversation on grindr, with a japanese living in KL. He certainly opens my eyes about japanese culture. At first, I was a bit taken aback when he ask if I squat on the toilet seat while taking a dung, that certainly rank high in weirdness when it's the first few questions ask to a stranger. He mentioned that Malaysian guy squat on toilet seat, which he finds fascinating, in a fetish kind of way. He then demonstrate this japanese superiority complex, when he learn that people in this developing country knows about fetishes, just like people in his developed country. I was a bit annoyed with his attitude. Then he told me that when he is younger, around 18-22 years old, his fetish is suits, because during that period, he wears gucci often. I just rolled my eyes.

But then he also tells me that japanese don't do anal sex that often, only 30-40% of them do, because it seems that they don't have the facility to clean their ass for anal sex. They have automated ass cleaning apparatus but not a hose that connects to a water source?  Somehow this seems sensible yet senseless at the same time. Seeing that all I know about japan is through tv, I guess I just have to believe what he said, that anal sex is another form of fetish in japan.

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